Adebukola  Oladipupo

Adebukola Oladipupo


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Adebukola Oladipupo is a Nigerian born superstar, making her first acting debut in 2015 with MTV Shuga and then was featured in Indigo (season 1), Inevitable and The Other Me the same year. In 2016 she was featured in Heads Over Heals and also starred in the TV series This Is It. Adebukola is a graduate of Convenant University in Information System Management and has undergone several training in theatre art. She is born to the family of five, with support from her parents and other siblings. Inspired by Mo Abudu, who made her believe in herself and that women can succeed in the Entertainment/Media Industry regardless of the circumstances they may be facing, Bukola's dream is to integrate Nollywood and Hollywood together to become one unit. Watch out for up-rising star, Adebukola Oladipupo, as she unveils her talents to entertain the world

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