Global Health Ambassador, Sesame Street

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Raya is a six year old humanoid rod puppet. She’s an aqua-greeny-bluey color, with long, braided, dark brown hair. She’s always very neat, and clean, because she pays special attention to her hygiene.

Raya is a mine of information, some of it relatively arbitrary and doesn’t help us at all (for example, she knows that giraffes only have seven bones in their necks, just like we do) and some of it very, very useful (for example, she knows that if you wash your hands often it helps you stay healthy)! She just loves to gather facts! She learns them from anywhere she can find them – books, TV, computers, newspapers, discarded packaging, other people etc.

Although she can remember almost every fact she reads or sees, Raya is actually very forgetful about other things! She gets easily distracted whilst investigating new thoughts and ideas, and always ends up mislaying her books, toys, clothes and most things she carries with her. She tends to get herself into all sorts of trouble because she forgets where she puts things, or where she was headed, or what she was meant to be doing next…

One thing Raya never forgets, though, is how important it is to be happy and healthy. She’s like a walking, talking self-improvement guru… she can tell you why you need lots of sleep, or why exercise is good for you, or what germs are and how to avoid spreading them.

Raya’s planning on being a doctor when she’s big, so she sometimes spends time practicing on whomever agrees to subject themselves to her ministrations.

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