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Scaling Finance for Transformational Climate Projects: A Fireside Chat between David Malpass and Bill Winters

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Tackling climate change will require major social, economic and technological changes, many of which are costly and will require large investments. To achieve our climate objectives, it will be critical to integrate climate and development and identify projects at the country level that tackle mitigation and adaptation and channel appropriate sources and structures of financing toward these projects in a manner that maximizes impact.

Climate action requires engagement across a spectrum of activities including policy support, creating the enabling environment for investment, project development and design, and, importantly, project finance. It requires matching, and where relevant blending, different pools of capital—commercial, concessional, and grants—to the appropriate component of each project undertaken. As the world considers ways to ramp up climate finance, it is critical to develop high-impact projects, and to consider the parameters of the exchange between providers and users of climate capital. 

Join a conversation with World Bank Group President David Malpass and Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters.

00:00 Welcome! COP26: Scaling Finance for Transformational Climate Projects
02:01 Bankable projects vs climate projects as money losers
05:58 Carbon credit market
10:43 Standard Chartered: reaching net-zero carbon emissions
15:06 Pooling work from the various financing resources
18:29 Scalability of carbon reduction projects
22:02 Trade finance products
24:21 Closing remarks

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