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Behind the Mission: Meet the Recruiters

What’s it like to work at the World Bank Group, and how can you go about getting a job here? Are most candidates locally or internationally recruited, and are there desired skillsets that will make you stand out for the job? For this episode of our Behind the Mission series, we go straight to the source to answer your questions as we meet four recruiters who work at the World Bank Group.

They’ll be sharing their tips and insights directly on our LinkedIn Page for navigating careers within the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC), whether you’re just starting out, or are a mid-career professional. They will also debunk some common myths about finding a job here.

! Captions available in Arabic

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Senior Recruiter, The World Bank

Senior Recruiter, IFC

Recruiter, IFC

Recruiter, World Bank


Srimathi Sridhar, External Affairs Associate at the World Bank

External Affairs Associate, World Bank Group

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