Young Entrepreneurs as Drivers of Sustainable Growth

Empowering people to become masters of their own destinies – as workers, entrepreneurs or business leaders – Is one of the most powerful development tools in the world.  This global debate will be the culmination of a series of virtual dialogues that is gathering the insights and practical experience from hundreds of young entrepreneurs from across six regions. The panel will bring together global leaders, CEOs and young entrepreneurs to discuss the role of entrepreneurship and youth in spurring development around the world.

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Co-Founder, LinkedIn

Editor-in Chief, El País

Co-Founder, Laboratoria

President & CEO, Softtek

Founder, J/P Haitian Relief Organization

Founder, Mara Group and Mara Foundation

Former World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim on October 24, 2013 in Washington DC. Photo © Dominic Chavez/World Bank

Former President, World Bank Group

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