Disaster Risk Management


How can countries improve their preparedness for disasters and enhance their resilience? Hear from leaders in the public and private sectors, economists, policymakers, and activists as they discuss solutions to help countries achieve their development goals.

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Add to CalendarCalendar10/10/2023 05:30 10/10/2023 06:30 America/New_York Join us LIVE: A New Playbook for Challenging Times Hello,\n\nThis is a reminder to join us virtually on World Bank Live: A New Playbook for Challenging Times \n\nEvent Description: We are living in an age where chronic instability, civil wars, the global shock of the pandemic, and continued climate disasters have created a complex landscape of intertwined risks, exacerbating fragility. Countries need help prevent, prepare for, and deal with crises in a way that does not divert them from their development goals. Against this backdrop, the World Bank is evolving to become a better bank to serve the world's most vulnerable people. This event will convene key actors to explore ideas and partnerships that can better respond to today’s challenges. Take part in the World Bank and International Monetary Fund 2023 Annual Meetings.\n\nGo to event page: https://live.worldbank.org/event/2023-annual-meetings-new-playbook-for-challenging-times?intcid=ECR_CA_WBLCalendar_EN_EXT\n\nWe look forward to seeing you!\n\nWorld Bank Live - https://live.worldbank.org\nBringing you the Faces and Voices of Development Online