The State of Economics, The State of the World

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The State of Economics, The State of the World

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“The State of Economics, The State of the World” conference will bring together some of the leading figures, who have played a role in shaping contemporary economics, to do a major stocktaking of economics, viewed as a discipline embedded in other social sciences, and also to look ahead at the challenge of global development. The speakers will have the space to reflect back on the way thinking in economics has evolved in his or her area of interest; and also to speculate the way the global economy is likely to evolve and the challenges this will pose for humankind, for economic analysis, and for making policy.

The original purpose of economics was development, to inquire into what makes some societies to grow and accumulate wealth, enabling its residents to lead better, fuller lives, while others stagnate. The aim of the conference and the subsequent book will be to stay true to this original concern of economics. The hope is that this stocktaking will enable us to think afresh about the challenges of inclusive development and sustainability that the world, and especially the emerging economies, confront today.

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