Why Should Insurers Invest in Women? A Trillion-Dollar Question

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Why Should Insurers Invest in Women? A Trillion-Dollar Question

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Find out the answer to this question on September 16 at 9am EST as Katty Kay, BBC World News anchor, moderates a discussion of a groundbreaking report on women and insurance—jointly produced by IFC, AXA and Accenture. Among its findings, the report shows that the largely untapped women’s insurance market could be a source of development for emerging economies and of tremendous growth for the insurance industry.

Women in emerging economies have growing incomes and buying power. The financial risks they face are also growing. As a result, by 2030, the insurance industry is expected to earn more than $1 trillion from women alone—half of it in just 10 markets. In our research, we asked how women can be better prepared for risks so they can live healthier and wealthier lives, protect their families, and expand their businesses. We also examined what motivates women to buy more insurance. We found that women—unlike men—tend to buy insurance for themselves and their families. Women tend to be more alert to risks that confront their children and parents.

Want to find out which markets will grow most rapidly, and what insurance companies, governments and NGOs can do to address the needs of women and families? Watch live and join us with questions.

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