Building on Peru's Success: Boosting Productivity for Faster Growth

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Building on Peru's Success: Boosting Productivity for Faster Growth

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What does it take for a country to play in the major leagues of the global economy? A special World Bank Flagship event with the Government of Peru will discuss the challenges that lie ahead as Peru and many emerging markets set their sights on transitioning into higher income economies. One of Latin America’s fastest growing economies, Peru has benefited from sound macroeconomic policies --the basis for sustained growth -- but still faces challenges on the microeconomic front.

In many ways, Peru’s experience can be helpful to other middle-income countries looking to boost growth while advancing in social inclusion and services to the poor. For that, accelerating productivity growth is key. The discussion will take as the starting point a special study that looks at the micro underpinnings of growth in Peru, drawing from the experiences of other emerging economies and pointing out potential opportunities. A panel of international experts and finance ministers will discuss this issue and take live questions from the audience.

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