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Philip Chow

Co-Founder and CEO, Humanitas.ai., an NGO dedicated to democratizing information

Philip Chow is a technologist, storyteller, and community volunteer. Philip is the co-founder and CEO of Humanitas.AI – a global technology platform empowering youth leaders with the tools and knowledge to create positive, lasting changes for their communities. Previously, he had worked at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Office of Robert Parker, and FiscalNote – all of which he had focused on US-China philanthropic endeavors. Philip serves on the advisory board of Lean In China – a community of 100,000+ women from 100+ universities & 30+ cities. In Philip’s spare time, he ponders about the intersection of youth empowerment and systems practice. Philip graduated with Honors from Western University, Canada, and had pursued advanced studies at Stanford University and Singularity University.