Latin America’s and the Caribbean’s Bet: Getting Back to Growth Through Trade

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Latin America’s and the Caribbean’s Bet: Getting Back to Growth Through Trade

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Since the commodities boom faded five years ago, Latin America and the Caribbean countries have been searching for a new path that will bring back the growth enjoyed during the first decade of the century.

This raises a number of key questions. How can growth be reactivated? How can the most vulnerable be protected? How can governments make important investments in infrastructure and productivity in the face of global economic slowdown?

Our experts will address these issues and respond to your questions.

On Wednesday, October 5, World Bank Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, Augusto de la Torre, will share the region’s 2017 economic outlook and discuss how each country is facing these challenges. He will also examine the potential for boosting growth through trade.

There are three key aspects of the economic situation which will guide the discussion:

1. Growth in the region has slowed down in the last five years. There are some bright spots like Panama and Peru, which are expected to grow 5.9% and 3.4% this year, respectively. However, there are less positive signs across the region, which is forecast to see average economic growth contract 1.3% in 2016. This is hitting populations in their pocketbooks and being felt by governments. But there are a number of countries taking positive steps to address the shift from economic bonanza to headwinds.

2. The debate over economic policies - and especially the demands of the population – is focused on figuring out how to get back to the growth the region enjoyed during the first decade of the 2000s. There is also the question of how to ensure stable, long-term growth that will be resilient in the face of external shocks. Some of the issues on the table include boosting productivity, investing in human capital and the role of the private sector.

3. Our experts will discuss the potential for foreign trade diversification to fuel economic recovery. This will be examined in the context of weak global demand and adjustments to exchange and interest rates.

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