Youth Voices from Ferguson to Ukraine: Stories of Strength amid Fragility, Conflict, and Violence

Young people are often the most powerless victims in states that are trapped in cycles of war and violence. Child mortality rates in fragile states are twice as high as in other developing countries. Children and youth in fragile states—especially girls-- are also more likely to be taken out of school, separated from their families and deprived of the experiences that most of the world takes for granted.

But youth can also be a force for hope, survival and positive change. Hear stories from a former child soldier from South Sudan, an exiled Tunisia activist turned civic leader and a community leader who is working to make Ferguson a better place for its youth.

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Vice President for Human Development, World Bank Group

Senior Operations Officer, Fragility, Conflict and Violence Cross-Cutting Solutions Group, World Bank...

Reporter and Producer, Univision Network (Mexico Bureau)

Programme Analyst, United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine

Field Director, Syrian Emergency Task Force

Syrian Activist and Member of the Government Relations Committee of the Coalition for a Democratic Syria...

Community Organizer and Activist; Member, Ferguson Commission

Former child soldier, Political Activist, and Musician

Tunisian Human Rights Advocate, President and Founder, Al Bawsala, and 2014 Laureate for the Chirac...

Vice President, Leadership, Learning & Innovation, World Bank

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