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Nur Laiq

Former Social Media Chief Content Officer, Indian National Congress Party

Nur Laiq is the author of Talking to Arab Youth: Revolution and Counter-revolution in Egypt and Tunisia (International Peace Institute, 2013) and co-editor of The Search for Peace in the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2014). Nur was the social media chief content officer for the Indian National Congress Party in the 2014 general election campaign. Prior to this, she was a senior policy analyst at the International Peace Institute in New York. Here, she headed the Arab Youth Project, which engaged with youth activists and politicians in the MENA region. The project provided recommendations to the UN and member states on the political and socio-economic inclusion of youth. Nur has also also worked on foreign policy at the European Commission in Brussels and with a Labour Member of Parliament in London. Nur has given talks on youth empowerment and good governance in the Middle East and South Asia at the United Nations, Columbia University, London School of Economics, National University of Singapore and Oxford University among others. Nur is from India and grew up between New Delhi and London. She has also lived in Brussels, Damascus, New York and Tehran. She has written articles for Caravan, The Guardian, The Indian Express and The New Statesman. While living in New Delhi she worked as a volunteer with Afghan refugees during the late 1990s. She received her MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from Oxford University in 2005.