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Matata Ponyo Mapon

Prime Minister, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mr. Matata Ponyo obtained a diploma in the field of commerce in the school of Bukuvu in 1983, followed by degrees in Economics from the University of Lumbashi and the University of Kinshasa. Later, he pursued specialization in International Economics with a focus on monetary issues. In 2000, he served successfully as manager of national accounts, until he was recruited by the Minister of Finance as an Advisor in charge of economic and monetary issues. On October 3, 2003, he was appointed as Managing Director of BCECO (National Coordination Unit, created in 2011 to implement large investment projects financed by Development Partners including the World Bank and the African Development Bank), where he successfully acted as a liaison for the government in addressing the macroeconomic and monetary issues with the World Bank and the IMF.

Mr. Matata became Minister of Finance and chairman of the Caucus of the World Bank African governors in 2010 until he was appointed by President Kabila as Prime Minister on April 18, 2012. DRC was able to post appreciable economic growth rates and strong macro-economic indicators under Minister Matata’s leadership when at the helm of the Ministry of Finance.