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Ines Kapphan

Product Manager, The Climate Corporation

Ines Kapphan is a Product Manager at The Climate Corporation, a San Francisco-based company that provides software and insurance products to growers in order to help them protect against the adverse impact of bad weather. Ines oversees the company’s Total Weather Insurance product, an index-based weather insurance solution that pays out based on observed weather conditions. Ines is responsible for designing and underwriting the company’s parametric insurance products that help protect farmers’ revenues.

Prior to joining The Climate Corporation, Ines worked as a research associate for NCCR Climate, Switzerland, a research center for climate change modeling, risk assessment and insurance, and was a visiting researcher at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Her research is about the design of parametric weather insurance for agriculture to manage weather-induced output volatility and micro-weather insurances schemes in developing countries supporting the adaption of smallholder farmers to climate change.