Gastón Acurio

Chef, Astrid & Gastón, Peru

Gastón Acurio is a chef, writer, entrepreneur, and champion of Peruvian cuisine. With 33 restaurants in 12 countries, 20 publications in his portfolio, and a weekly cable TV show, Acurio has received worldwide acclaim for starting a gastronomical revolution in Peru. This goal is at the forefront of all of his concepts, projects, and community organizations. In the late 1980s, following the advice of his family, Acurio began his studies in law school. But his passion for food was stronger, so he decided to pursue a culinary arts career at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. In 1994, he and his wife returned to Peru and founded their eponymous restaurant, Astrid & Gastón. With their Parisian background, the restaurant was originally pegged as French, but over time Acurio began to experiment with Peruvian ingredients, and the restaurant became one of the first beacons of Peruvian haute cuisine.