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Carl J. Dahlman

Program Manager, OECD

Carl J. Dahlman is Head of the Thematic Division and Head of Global Development Research at the OECD’s Development Centre. He is charge of the annual publication Perspectives on Global Development, and responsible for ensuring the quality of the Divisions other research products. He collaborates in the formulation of the Centre’s policy messages and the management of dialogue processes with a view to maximizing the OECD policy impact and value added. He joined the OECD in September 2013 from Georgetown University where he was Associate Professor in the School of Foreign Service from 2005 to 2013. Prior to that he spent 25 years at the World Bank in various research, policy, and managerial positions including as the Bank’s Resident Representative in Mexico (1994-1997), Staff Director of the 1998/1999 World Development Report -Knowledge for Development, and Manager and Senior Advisor at the World Bank Institute (1999-2004). Mr Dahlman has an extensive publications record including nine books and numerous articles. His most recent book is The World under Pressure: How China and India are Influencing the Global Economy and Environment (Stanford University Press, 2012). He has worked on all large developing countries and made many presentations on topics such as the rise of China and India, the knowledge economy, innovation, education and lifelong learning, new dimensions of international competitiveness, global risks and challenges. Mr. Dahlman holds a PhD degree in Economics from Yale University, and a BA in International Affairs from Princeton University.