Charting a Course for Decarbonizing Maritime Transport

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Charting a Course for Decarbonizing Maritime Transport

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Emmanuel Adeojo peter

Will Africa be a major source of fuel producing continent for decarbonization and to achieve green house gas emission.
Mon, 04/19/2021 - 11:12
Ian Richard Cochran

Any views on the use of atomic battery packs going forward? It is generally thought that LNG will last for around 20 years - roughly the lifecycle of a newbuilding ship. This should give enough time to introduce and thoroughly test alternatives, such as green ammonia and hydrogen. Is not 20 years a good investment?
Mon, 04/19/2021 - 11:13
Surinder Kumar Kalra

How about using I4 technologies for Decorbonizing Maritime Transporteg., Block Chain, IoT, AI. ? We have a PoC developed to discuss. Regards
Tue, 04/20/2021 - 15:49

What is the outlook for hydrogen powered cargo ships?
Fri, 04/23/2021 - 06:30
Apostle samuel byakatonda

How are going to help poor countries into the crisis of poverty and clement changes?Apostle samuel byakatonda.The first leader of Africa.kampala uganda
Fri, 04/23/2021 - 06:30

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