7th Annual MIGA Gender Leadership Award: Clean Energy for All

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7th Annual MIGA Gender Leadership Award: Clean Energy for All

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00:00 Welcome and opening remarks
7:09 Keynote address: Rania Al-Mashat, Arab Republic of Egypt
13:09 Why Lucy Heintz is being recognized for the MIGA Gender Leadership Award
21:55 What the MIGA Gender Leadership Award means for Lucy Heintz
24:27 Putting women at the forefront of clean energy
25:41 How is MIGA working to keep gender equality a priority
27:24 Challenges experienced as a woman in the energy sector
29:15 Main challenges to establishing broader access in Africa
32:19 Access to energy compared with other challenges faced by women
35:02 Investments: Combination of climate and gender together
38:22 Visions of the Trade Development Bank
41:16 Access to power to facilitate greater use of digital technology for women
42:46 How to make the energy sector more inclusive
44:17 Targeting gender specific programs in the power sector in Africa
47:28 Women in leadership positions
51:29 Gender smart climate investment in emerging markets
55:23 Closure

"I care passionately about inclusion in all forms, as it's what delivers superior performance & advances economic development. What we appreciate so much about our partnership with MIGA is the commitment, energy, resilience & tenacity to solving challenges together, getting things done & delivering projects."

— Lucy Heintz, Partner, Head of Energy Infrastructure, Actis

"Ms. Heintz has contributed to moving Africa forward by promoting sustainable energy solutions—particularly for women who tend to be disproportionately affected by a lack of access to energy. We're proud to support her achievements & through this Award, we continue to play a role in advancing the goal of gender equality & closing the equity gap between men & women."

— Hartwig Schafer, Vice President, South Asia Region, World Bank

"There will always be a need to continually push forward & ensure that there’re equal opportunities & equal benefits for women & girls. To accelerate & scale up gender responsiveness policies, Egypt engages through its country-led multistakeholder framework. This framework incorporates gender as a cross-cutting theme in policies related to climate change, food security, sci & tech."

— Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Arab Republic of Egypt

"A million people in Africa, especially in Western & Central Africa, still lack access to electricity. Our goal for now is to move from an overall access rate of 50% to 64% by 2024. This will require that we work with individuals, with firms, with governments, to make sure that this goal can be achieved."

— Ousmane Diagana, Vice President, Western and Central Africa, World Bank

"Countries & companies, when they invest in energy infrastructure & services, they need to consider the needs of girls & women. Tailoring energy investments to the needs of girls & women is a good public policy & it is also a good business."

— Hana Brixi, Global Director, Gender Group, World Bank

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Thank you for tuning in!  From all of us at MIGA, Happy International Women’s Day!  Remember to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to keep up with the latest at MIGA and our work to #AccelerateEquality. 
Tue, 03/08/2022 - 12:00

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