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Gray Areas: Aging and Public Policy Choices in Europe and Central Asia and East Asia Pacific

As populations age, the debate over how to manage this demographic trend is heating up. Some say it will lead to an economic crisis, while others say society will benefit from healthy and productive aging. Whether the outcomes are good or bad depends on policy and behavioral changes that will require fundamental shifts in societies and economies.

This event brings together policymakers, academics, and senior World Bank officials to debate how current demographic trends will impact economic growth, government budgets, health and long-term care systems, pensions, social welfare and labor markets in countries spanning Europe, Central and East Asia and the Pacific.

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Deputy Director of Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Richard Saltonstall Professor of Population Sciences and Professor of Economics and International Health...

Minister of Finance, Republic of Serbia

Director, Columbia Aging Center, Robert N. Butler Professor of Socio-medical Sciences, and Professor of...

Vice President, Sustainable Development, World Bank

Managing Director of Operations, World Bank

Business Anchor,CCTV America

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