The World Bank Group Youth Summit 2013
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The World Bank Group Youth Summit 2013

Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m EDT approx. (13:00 – 21:30 GMT or convert time)
Location: World Bank Headquarters and Online

This event has concluded - stay tuned for the archive.

The Youth Summit 2013 is an event championed by the Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program and the World Bank Group (WBG) youth with help of other units, held on October 23, 2013.

In 2012, the World Bank Group President Jim Kim challenged the organization’s youth to think of ways to foster growth in young professionals who understand the consequences of persistent poverty, and are able to create solutions to eliminate extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. The WBG Youth are embracing President’s challenge by asking young people around the world to participate in the Youth Summit 2013.

The theme for the event is “Youth Entrepreneurship: Cultivating an innovative spirit to alleviate global youth unemployment”.

The Youth Summit 2013 will feature notable panelists, including the WBG President Jim Kim, and will provide a forum for young people from around the globe to share innovative ideas to create opportunities for youth employment and job creation.

The summit will address three areas: Youth Employment, Education, Millennial Communications – the use of social media and technology for development. Before the summit, a Development Case Study Competition challenged youth worldwide to propose solutions for real development issues that the WBG and external partners are striving to solve.

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Co-Founder and CEO, The Global Poverty Project
Executive Director – Strategy and External Relations, Mo Ibrahim Foundation
United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, United Nations
Minister of Finance, Indonesia
President, World Bank Group
Read what others are asking
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
My first question is, can the World Bank take job of Train the Trainers of various countries, who are helping youths to start the business, so that more than a million Youth Entrepreneurship start within the span of next 5 years? My second question is, can the World Bank proactively help governments around the world to reduce the lengthy procedures to start the business in various/ respective countries? This question is obvious in case we have to generate more than a few million jobs/ year, in coming decade. This question also has its importance as the solution to this will also boost the spirit of youth brigade from various countries to venture for Entrepreneurship.
will there be any programmes for development of science and technology ?
saima tahir
what the world bank is doing for the Asian country to stop poverty?
Indra Granados
What is the perspective of the World Bank for Mexico's current scenario? The country is among the largest economies in the world, but still around 50% of the population remains poor. Will the World Bank still consider international cooperation programs (in any form) in order to fight poverty and develop empowerment skills for youth?
Megha Ashok Gawde
United Kingdom
What is a role of World Bank towards the Governance in Developing countries along with Middle East zone and Asian Countries as well as what kind of initiative and steps are taken by World Bank to resolve the economic problems from the developing countries ?
What the world bank is going on to do for the Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal etc. to end poverty
Calista. Ukwuoma
Consistent negligence of Africans infrastructural development is propotional to her growth and development inefficiency. What measures do we have at hand to make Africa a hubb of significant developing region. What plans do we have to clean up bio degraded hand? Is it possible for the Nigerian youth to have licence to oil And gas market just the same way some older people get it.
kamal pd dhungana
What world bank want to invest money in Nepal also ?
Sri Lanka
How can youth discover their hidden potential / innovative spirit? And how can organizations such as World Bank support in this discovering process?
Atukunda Edgar
We as the runners up of the development case competition, what does it take to present the proposal and when are the presentations on the schedule because i have not seen them. Glad to be part of this yourth summit. Thanks.
I suggest if possible we watchers through internet can be given an opportunity to express our views concerning the subject matter of youth unemployment and the constrains most us we encounter on the process of employing ourselves as entrepreneur especially less developed countries
Ray Mark
Poverty can be eliminated yes, but by making sure education in all those country with high level of poverty problem has to be given first priority as starting by reducing maternal and anemia within 1000days from the pregnant as are first good ambassador of families therefore by educating a woman will take a big step on educating the world while the second but goes together are good theoretical education starting from kindergarten to standard seven like Tanzania, Kenya Std 8 means primary school we will easily win the fight against poverty and those 57 Million kids out of school according UNICEF as more than 30 million are girls can we imagine and is with our hands no more
Ray Mark
From my heart, am still asking myself what makes so difficult building employment opportunity for youth. which will help end up if not complete at least poverty. The other thing is, are African youth aware with what they are role is, in their nation to the African continent. are or do they have enough knowledge knowing there are responsible or its their responsibility role played for the development for their countries
Congo, Rep.
Hi,I would like to know in which conditions the World Bank could directly help or support youth people who do not have any great experience but have good and great projects.
Emmanuel Marfo
What are the sustainability mechanisms for youth-led projects at country levels?
Ahmed Bello
I strongly believe SME is the key to development in most African countries and especially Nigeria. The World Bank should do more to empower the youths to create businesses that will employ labour and inevitably spur growth in different sectors of their economy.
Ajdtunmobi olamide
Would like to know what the world bank is doing currently to support the youth in Africa
Hi, would like to know if it is possible for our Youths to go to our local World Bank in Cameroon and watch the 2013 Youth Summit on live?
United States
Funding sources as venture capital in Togo for youth entrepreneurship
Dilli Ram Sharma
How we can reform public education system institution and prpcess developing country like nNepal.
Tek Raj Bhatta
what is enterpreneurship ?how can we learn from this in our life and how can we use enterpreneurship in our real life?
Mohamed Faris
Sri Lanka
How effective this programme for young entrepreneur , which is focused on what?
Dr stranger Kgamphe
South Africa
ICC is based on legal principles. African governments seems to be victims, is this true? If True why can't AU use a noble international constitution like that of South Africa and our own court?
Mohamed Faris
Sri Lanka
Hi, would like to know if it is possible for our Youths to go to our local World Bank office in Colombo and participate the 2013 Youth Summit on live?