World Bank and SPARC Announce Open Access Week 2012 - Liveblog & Webcast

October 22, 2012
4:00pm - 5:30 pm ET (20:00-21:30 GMT or convert time)

Open Access Week, now in its sixth year, is a global event which promotes Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research. SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and the World Bank co-sponsored the kickoff event for Open Access Week 2012 in Washington, DC. The event featured a distinguished panel of speakers representing a broad range of stakeholders in the Open Access movement—researchers, students, policy makers, publishers and academics—who discussed why Open Access is an imperative to them and their work

The World Bank was recently named a SPARC Innovator for its implementation of a new open access policy, which included the launch of the World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR). The World Bank opened its data to the public in 2010.


  • Michael Carroll, Professor of Law, American University and founding Board Member, Creative Commons
  • Matt Cooper, President, The National Association of Graduate-Professional Students
  • Maricel Kann, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland and member, PubMed Central National Advisory Committee, NIH.
  • Carlos Rossel, Publisher, The World Bank
  • Neil Thakur, Special Assistant to the Deputy Director, Extramural Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The 90-minute panel was moderated by Heather Joseph, Executive Director, SPARC, with ample time for questions from audience members.

For information about Open Access week events and information please go to

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New Zealand
Not bad at all felals and gallas. Thanks.
Dr. R. Shashi Kumar
What's the emerging role of the World Bank, under the present situation?
kindly sir, send me detail guideline for world bank and SPARC announce open access week - 2012 , by e.mail
Charlotte Juhl Koch
Could events like this take place all over the world together with the World Bank?
Roshni Kumari
1. What is the rationale behind restricting access? (the political reason, not the academic one) 2. In the Knowledge Era, why should there be any restrictions on openly accessing knowledge? 3. Do you see that in 2040 all the publications would be open access or the opposite?
Hal Zhao
United States
How is the current implementation of the Open Access developing?
Md.Moshfaqur Rahman
How can I work with you about research?
I am a researcher of Research Center for Rural Economy Ministry of Agriculture PRC. I'm focusing on the seed industry now. Can you give me a research overview of this subject, especially about the Plant Breeding System of the world. Thanks!
Steve Lewis
United States
Is there an opportunity for a D.C.-area sci/tech startup dedicated to open access to be at the kickoff event? Are there sponsorship opportunities?
Leycot Benson
Would we receive copies of the discussions summary and conclusions reached ?
Marjatta Sikström
I wonder if you will record the webminar and make it available for reviewing later. We would like to see and listen to the seminar on later date during the OA week. Where would we find a eventual recording - if there is going to be a such a one?
United States
what webinar technology will this event use? GTM? WebEx? Live Meeting? Is there a test site available to ensure a PC is ready?
mohamed awil
student need to get job and free access interview or questiöns get job UN?
mohamed awil
student of MPPM still nt defend reasearch for budget finish? need to get job easy way world bank or UN?
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
How have you in USA reached at a level, where LAW is same for common man, and to special citizens and celebrities?
lubna Salah
why we don't take a global approach to renewable energy supported by world bank
World Bank
United States
Thank you for posting your questions. The webcast will be recorded and archived on this site for later viewing. No software or testing is necessary to view the webstream, however, you will need a good internet connection for the best viewing experience.
World Bank
United States
Please send an email to to see if there is still space available to attend the event. The event is being co-sponsored by SPARC and the World Bank. There are no outside sponsorship opportunities, but thank you for your interest.
World Bank
United States
For more information about Open Access week, please visit: To view the webcast and join the discussion online, please come back to this website at 4:00pm EST on Monday.
World Bank
United States
@ Charlotte Juhl Koch: Yes - Open Access Week is a global event with activities taking place around the world. We encourage you to organize a "viewing party" to watch the live or recorded webcast to kick off your own Open Access Week activities.
World Bank
United States
For more information and to see other Open Access Week events, please visit:
Peter T. Knight
United States
In what operational ways is the Bank supporting Open Government outside the OGP? For example, would the Bank make a loan to Brazil to help with implementation of the Information Access Law at the state and municipal levels?
Wisdom E Imasuen
Does the world Bank has concern for Rural areas as well, as Arban areas? And what important rules is the world playing in ensuring that every country, state, or community having no financial empowerment sustanabiliy of their economy, can easily look up to world Bank for financial aid?
Santa bhai shrestha
Nice u i like world baink
Ronda Neugebauer
United States
When might the US reform financial aid FAFSA processes (again!)? For many students, waiting for financial aid becomes a critical access issue. No books on the first day, the first week, even into the second week of class can affect student success in the course.
Rhonda neugebauer
United States
If every institution hosts a repository, how will we make sure to search them all?