What Grade would you Give Teachers in your Country?
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What Grade would you Give Teachers in your Country?

¿Qué nota les pondrías a los maestros de tu país?

Date: Thursday, July 24th, 2014.
Time: 12.00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET (16.00 – 18.00 GMT) or convert your time
Place: Online


Clearly teachers have a crucial influence on young people’s futures, both in Latin America and in the rest of the world. This statement is more relevant now than ever. The 21st century labor market requires the workforce have quality skills and education in order to compete in a globalized economy.

Increasingly the focus is on the performance of Latin American educators– some seven million teachers - who are responsible for preparing students for this new reality.

On July 24, top education officials from Latin America and international experts will discuss this crucial issue in a global conversation around the launch of the study Great Teachers: How to Raise Student Learning in Latin America and the Caribbean. The report suggests that poorly-qualified teachers limit educational results in the region.

Mark your calendar:  08/24/2014 at 12.00 PM (EST, Washington DC).  The chat and webcast will be done in partnership with  El País and the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.


President, World Bank Group
Vice President, Latin America the Caribbean, World Bank Group
Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution of Stanford University
Lead Education Economist, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank Group
What others are saying
Paulina Szyrmer
Melinda Gates International School and Health Care
The President Global Development The World Bank. Good evening Sir ! With due respect that I'm Founder and Principal of Melinda Gates International School and Health Care, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is our non-profit social Work. Our mission : Teaching, taking care of health, lacking of food and cloths for the poor children whose are living at the Slums and Society in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We want to communicate with you for helping and developing our education and health of the poor children of Bangladesh. Thank you so much. Your most obedient Founder and Principal Melinda Gates International School and Health Care, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Colin Palmer RXLD1
United States
Dear WB - some may seem to be suggesting or predicting the "demise of the dollar" as we know it. Fact or fantasy - could global banking markets survive such an eventuality? Some say the $ ("alias mighty-mullah")should have its current value "frozen" in order to withstand the tides of such. Others on the other hand are fearing that a currency value freeze would tantamount to tying the hands of a monster that would render it to taking a pounding at the hands of other countries own "dollars" of lesser values. I fear such a move could trigger - inadvertently, albeit - a stock market crash. Your feedback, anyone? Thx Cheers! RXLD1
Luis Bravo
Nicaragua, is at its worst moment in terms of this issue. Public teachers from the subsystems primary and secondary are subjet to the moves of the party on the power (permanently mobilized to express unconditionality to the government). The quality of formation of most of these teachers is very weak and poor. The payment they get is also poor. The educational policies dictated by the government are not adequate for instance authomatic promotion of all students form 1st to 4th grade .... also worsen the situation. Hence we get at the higher education students who have serious difficulties with basic compentences of analysis, abstraction, composing writings, oral expression, quantitative thinking .....
Sharene McKenzie
How do we create an institution conducive to teaching and learning if some principals continue to build fiefdom
How would teachers bridge indigenous knowledge and indigenous communities with mainstream? How would new ICT approaches bring equity between indigenous communities, their knowledge and the global development?
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
I would rate my teachers who taught me till today as the best, right from Primary Education till Ph.D. Now, when future rating is concerned it should be holistic rather than just/only performance based. In India Guru is Guru, who is beyond rating and value, as s/he stands for legacy that has been there since ages. Hence, apart from her/ his basic qualification s/he must be have skills to build values and ethics in the students along with skills and knowledge s/he can deliver to next generation that leads them to live a wiser life. Hence, I'm recommending a holistic education and evaluation system, here for the next generations.
Lorna Wilson Morgan
What strategy could be adopted in improving the quality of school leadership, especially at the primary level?
Gabriela Gallardo
Good morning, In MExico we always complain about our educational system, because the education depends of the union ("sindicato"). Thats why is not uncommon to see one person that have more places that they could physically attend, meanwhile hundreds of kids are just passing without even attending. Do you think in this case scenario is convenient to have some programs of informal education?