Webcast: World Development Report 2011
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Webcast: World Development Report 2011

The World Development Report (WDR) 2011 ,released April 11, asks what spurs risks of violence, why conflict prevention and recovery has proven so difficult to address and what can be done by national leaders and their development, security, and diplomatic partners to help restore a stable development path in the world’s most fragile and violence-torn areas. The report's central message is that strengthening legitimate institutions and governance to provide citizen security, justice, and jobs is crucial to break cycles of violence.

Panel 1: Transition Moments: Past and Present

A moderated panel discussion drawing out lessons from the transition experience of South Africa and other countries in the context of current transitions.

Panel 2: 2011 World Development Report: Citizen Security, Justice and Jobs

Presentation of the WDR 2011 findings and recommendations chaired by World Bank President Robert Zoellick, with WDR 2011 Advisory Council Members and Co-Directors.

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