Transition to Open Government in the Arab World
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Transition to Open Government in the Arab World

October 11, 2013
TIME: 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EDT (15:00 – 16:00 GMT or convert time)
LOCATION: Online and World Bank Group Headquarters

Over the past few years, citizens in the Middle East and North Africa region have demanded more open and inclusive governments. Transparency and public engagement are essential pillars of government accountability, which is a fundamental precondition for economic development. In MENA, access to information and public engagement mechanisms are among the weakest in the world. While the current regional context is challenging, international country experience can shed light on lessons learned in the areas of transparency and public engagement, which can prove useful for practitioners in the region undergoing similar reforms.

On October 11, 2013, the World Bank will host a live event to highlight some key reforms in the region, where progress is being made on establishing the foundation for greater access to information and public engagement. Join us as we engage in a lively discussion with government representatives, private sector executives, academics and Bank-Fund staff on this important development agenda.

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The event has concluded. Replay the event below.

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Vice President of Middle East and North Africa region, World Bank Group
Founder, Al-Bawsala
Director, International Budget Partnership
Adviser to the PM, Morocco's Ministry of General Affairs and Governance
Director General, Humanitarian, Security, Conflict and International Finance, Department for International Development
Director, International Cooperation
مطالعة أسئلة الآخرين
Bourama Diaite
Congo, Dem. Rep.
I have three questions in the context of the political situation in the Region. 1) how is the government and its institution is positioned in the operations design and implementation? More clearly what is the government level of responsibility? 2) is the UCS entirely effective in some countries of the Region? What is the level of completion of the reforms in PFM that includes procurement, civil servant et private sector contribution in delivering public. 3) finally what is the level of involvement of the CSOs in the controle of the use and management of natural ressources and public funds. My view is that our reforms to reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity will succeed only if on the country side we have a sound management system and we will no longer play the role of baby seaters as some colleagues have the tendency to do. Thank you for the initiative
How has the World Bank been supporting open government reforms in the Middle East? What countries have been making the most progress in this area?
Najib Saade
Jordan is the first country in the region to be a member of the Open Gov Partnership. I'm interested to know what it means to be a member of such a partnership and what actions other countries in the region are taking to support such reforms, if any. Also, I would like to know what citizens can do to support such progress and how does the OGP provide opportunities for civil society to get involved. Thank you.
Dr. Ali Anbori
how can we work towards civic state and open government in the MENA region??? ... who is responsible??? ... and what is the role of the international community towards the regional citizens in assisting them to achieve these goals???
Said Essoulami
Can we really speak about an open government in the absence of democratic states and respect of fundamental human rights in the region? Doesn't the transition to open government require a transition to democracy? How a government can be open when it has not been democratically elected? Thank you for looking at this issue.
karima Mouelhi
I have a comment about the importance of the Islamic banking finance to decrease the inflation rate with many methods , you should looking for this solution. and thank you for your attention
Pierre Messali
West Bank and Gaza
My question is as follows. Currently, the Palestinian Authority is far from having Open Government on his political and institutional agenda at a first rank priority even though the authorities are willing to move toward good Governance in general. However, AMAN (Palestinian NGO affiliated to Transparency International) may be interested since it has already launched contact in view of a possible participation in Open Budget. Leveraging AMAN potential initiative toward Open Government without having the formal support of the authorities could be very risky for the Bank. What lessons could be drawn from the international experience, not exclusively from the Arab region, to address such scenario and context?
Moussa Charafeddine
We highly appreciate the World Bank efforts to promote inclusive Governments in MENA Region. What is the impact of World Bank inclusive safeguard policies on the Governments of MENA Region. Most of MENA Region countries had ratified the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability UN CRPD?
Laila Duaibes
West Bank and Gaza
The question would be: As Palestinians, we have passed so many tests and experiences through our struggle that we have learned valuable lessons of which that suitable persons in suitable places can make the difference.Youth in Palestine are no ignorant of any sort and when, not if, the moment come and they will take over, so what are you doing to prepare them for when this times comes, Palestine has not been internally disfigured as much as the occupation wants it to be?
Egypt, Arab Rep.
How does this initiative propose to address this problem of limited capacity and hierarchy within the bureaucracy/government.
Mrs Saranya Sinthuchon
I am Mrs. Saranya Sinthuchon , many thank president Jim young kim, Who start Project end poverty, and would like to see grow continue, I hope to mark water market project at Ubolrajchatani city in my country.
Hania Sholkamy
Egypt, Arab Rep.
How does this initiative propose to address this problem of limited capacity and hierarchy within the bureaucracy/government?
Egypt, Arab Rep.
Comment: Relating to entrepreneurship, we need to help governments make their market and data research available and open so that foreign investors can come, it would stimulate the investment climate.