Towards a New Social Contract in the Arab World
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Towards a New Social Contract in the Arab World

On Sept 22, 2011, regional leaders and members of civil society groups participated in a webcast discussion and online chat on social accountability, governance and managing economic transitions the Middle East and North Africa. Watch the webcast or read the chat transcript below.

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What lessons can be learned from the situation in Egypt?
Can you provide specific examples of how everyday citizens can be part of the transition to a new world? How do we convert social upheaval into social rebuilding?
abeer rashdan
Egypt, Arab Rep.
what is the shape of any economic or hunan development would be ? why most of the develpoment efforts didn't pay back ? why the culture and specification of the arab countries is not taking into account when dealing with the development path? thank you abeer economic researcher
Prabhavathy Ramakrishnan
How can we use the energy unleashed by this positive step towards the rebuilding of nations and a development on a human basis?
Charlotte Morris
United Kingdom
Why did earlier economic reform efforts not deliver tangible improvement to people's lives? Focus particularly on reforms in Egypt since 2004.