The End of Poverty. Really? - Jim Yong Kim in an interview with CNN's Richard Quest - Webcast
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The End of Poverty. Really? - Jim Yong Kim in an interview with CNN's Richard Quest - Webcast

Date: Wednesday, October 9
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. EDT approx. (13:00 – 14:00 GMT or convert time)
Location: World Bank Headquarters and Online

This event has now concluded - watch the archive below.

Extreme poverty is in retreat. In 1990, 43 percent of the developing world lived on less than $1.25 a day. Today the global poverty rate has dropped to less than 20 percent. There is a real opportunity to end extreme poverty within a generation – this generation. But how realistic is this goal? Achieving it means halving the 2010 poverty rate. Then halving it again. And then nearly halving it a third time – all in less than one generation.

CNN’s Richard Quest tackles this critical question and the issues that surround it in a live-streamed interview with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim -- who will share his vision of what needs to be done and why it takes a movement to get there.

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President, World Bank Group
International Business Correspondent, CNN
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Kristen Joann
United States
What role does Open Access publishing play in eliminating poverty? It is going to be a key factor in doing so?
Nicholas Taylor
Do you believe there is scope for the World Bank to integrate into the operations side of infrastructure delivery, especially in the more volatile stages of infrastructure development, which are often characterized by higher levels of risk? Is MIGA being used optimally to induce private sector investment, and can its scope be broadened?
Nilofar Ansher
How do we determine a fixed global poverty rate, considering the standards of living, inflation, security, access to jobs and educational opportunity, and other key indices are constantly changing?
Can poverty ever be ended? why do we set such impractical goals? instead why don't we focus on addressing deep rooted inequalities and fight against exploitative global economic strategies of developed countries?
Ratnesh sharma
poverty in itself if the incapability to aquire the basics for survival and in india it penetrates inside with a lot of carriers with complex social structure and literacy, how could be eradicate or downsize the poverty and its consequences in developing economy where people don't know about various schemes for their upliftment???
Rakesh Gupta
What you people are doing to stop poverty, and what's your plan to reduce poverty
Muhammad Irfan Waheed
Dear Sir, first of all a appreciate the efforts of World Bank in Ending the Poverty. I would take this opportunity as an honour here that my question and opinion will be include. Basic requirements for humanbeing is Food, Cloth and shelter. In order to meet ending of Poverty World Bank have to focus on the religious principles of different religions like in Islam, the Muslims have a principle of Zakaat. If World Bank wants then WB meet with Muslim Ummah and gather the Zakaat from Muslims and spend these on Muslim countries. Like t
Bhavya Pabby
Jim, what is your opinion on the development and promotion of micro finance initiatives in developing regions such as rural parts of South Asia and Africa for poverty alleviation? Can this model work suitably?
Percy Mabvuto Ngwira
Dr Yong Kim According the the World Bank Report 2013 on Africa Tourism it indicates that the tourism industry in Africa has the highest potential to contribute to poverty alleviation by 2030 My problem is that tourism industry in many African countries is dominated by foreogn invetors who are only interested in profits they offer low paid jobs to locals people and thry actully dont care many tourists on packages pay all the money in europe or america where the head offices are for these investors Do you think with this situation tourism will make a meaninful contribution to poverty alleviation more especially in Africa and what can African governments do to compel Foreign Investors in tourism to do more in areas where they invest. Thank You
Nwankpa Kingsley
Poverty is not lack of money.but lack of idea to make money and absent minded.The world bank has been providing social amenities,education,technical skills to develope people and reduce poverty.What about areas where this services can't be provided(war zones and terrorist areas whose activities lead to porverty)how does the world bank intend to solve such problems.
Christopher Corbin
Dominican Republic
Would it be accurate to state that the only way to do this is to achieve complete population growth control? Resources after all aren't abounding (sustainably speaking) and further general well being would probably mean increased use of resources, something that we cannot allow...
Attique Malik
Alarming population growth in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh will increase poverty in South Asia & kill off most positive aspects of economic growth within this decade. Do you agree?
HG Paul
United States
Economists use a very facile method for measuring poverty but poverty is more than a lack of financial resources. Economists can declare victory when the global poverty rate hits "zero" but poverty will persist, and as we can see, in many parts of the "wealthy" developed world, the ranks of the poor are expanding. What is the Bank doing to ensure that an economic point of view which is only concerned with the proportion of people living on X dollars doesn't blind us to other aspects of the issue? Dr. Kim's appointment was encouraging since he is not an economist but the Bank seems to be dominated by a set of economists from "elite" institutions trained to look at the world in a very narrow way who have very little firsthand knowledge of poverty. What steps are being taken to ensure that other perspectives from the broad range of social sciences as well as life experiences are also informing the policies and strategies that emerge from the Bank?
Arslan Ali
In its contextual response why are we not looking this through the other end of the looking glass? If 'Extreme' poverty is going to end then does the inflation will also? and isn't that the real problem - the inflation?
Frank Burakeye
How can social entrepreneurs help to reduce extreme poverty? It seems like the only way to end extreme poverty is by structural changes in the poorest countries. Frank Burakeye, 21 years old, student.
Dr.Mekhled Alzaza
United Kingdom
How do you think rich and famous people like- business men,writers,scientists,authors,journalist,politicians and sports stars-can contribute in fighting poverty?
Egypt, Arab Rep.
Will the uprising in Egypt and other arab countries end or increase povery
Anna Dim
Open innovation is possibly a process that accelerates and integrates the development of ideas, by way of both competition and collaboration. How can this be a viable option in coming up with solutions that are scalable and feasible in eradicating extreme poverty?
Cornelis A. Los
United States
Does Dr. Jim Yong Kim agree with me that the halving of the poverty percentage in the world, from more than 40% at the time of the end of the Soviet Union in 1991 to 20% now, has more to do with the general acceptance of capitalism as economic development system by the poorer emerging markets than with the efforts of the World Bank and similar UN institutions, which have been trying to eradicate poverty using socialist planning and development?
Carlos Aguilera
I have a new company of IT services and solutions in Bogota-Colombia. I'll always have that concern of help and give opportunities to most need it persons of my village, town or city. What kind of program my company needs to make that goal true?
syed ghulam mustafa
what kind of measures world bank has been taken or planing to take for eradication of class difference, what we call equal distribution of world resources..?
Alan Fernandez
Dominican Republic
what is your plan in short and long terms?
Shabina Hussain
United States
How is the monitoring of the interest rates done, specifically for interest charged from poorest of the poor on the micro finance loans? Does world bank support or apply standards for the percentage of interest rates on loans that are meant to eradicate poverty?
Arthur Taylor
Upswings in the GDPs of developing countries don't tell the full story of the poverty ravishing the marginalized in many of these elitist societies where educational systems seem to replicate the inequalities they are expected to alleviate. If the poor cannot access proper education related to finance management and investment as well gain opportunities to utilize their fiscal skills, then by what other means can the cycle of poverty be broken within this generation without costing the billions presently suffering from hunger and despair their single most valuable asset -their dignity?
Philip Peters
United States
The world bank has historically framed the challenge as one focused on "poverty reduction". Moving forward, if it is framed as an opportunity for "wealth creation,"it may even achieved the socio-economic result at a faster pace. What do you think? I'm making an argument for a psychological shift in framing the problem, similar to how Mr. Eunice has created mico-leding agents as business owners rather than receiving hand outs.
Abdul Basit Safai
What are the basic strategic steps that world bank will take in the reduction of poverty?
Ricky Siregar
how do you count that today the global poverty rate has dropped to less than 20 percent? what standarization that you use? meanwhile i think the fact is the proverty is more than that. in my country people rich at below standard live is around 50%. People not only need food, but they also need good education so they can at least try theor shot to change their life.
Shahzad Aslam
why do not start a awareness campaign individual and Govt level worldwide school,Colleges, Universities ,Private Sector to make them feel there are thousands like you who are unable to go to schools ,have no food ,etc and we must realize them ,no to waste food better to help those who can be with us .
Vijay Joshi
Greetings ! One of the issues coupled with poverty is not being able to get food ! WHO report suggests people shift to vegetarian or vegan diet-which may result into more food available to people instead of being fed to industrial farm animals! Is World Bank exploring this option ! What is your view or proposed action in this regard?
Meghraj Tamang
How can social entrepreneurship help poverty reduction in developing and under development countries?
Jerrish John
United Arab Emirates
My question is to know how entrepreneurship can venture in ending poverty, apart from creating jobs.
Ebrahim Vahdatnia
Iran, Islamic Rep.
Dear Mr. Jim,what is your definition about poverty? Just lack of money, acomodation, food and clothes? Or lack of Calture, education, methods of increasing GNP and how to use natural resources are in this definition? Problem is in the most of poor countries, direct money injection is not correct way to drop poverty. What is your opinion to give fishing tools instead of fish to poor countries and teach them how to use their natural resources instead of expending money to feed them directly and do you have any plan to necessary education about that?
Krishna Baliga
How can we ensure that funds which are provided by the government under various schemes to alleviate poverty are not siphoned off by bureaucrats and other corrupt officials, so that they are able to reach the poor.
Leon Tham
1) What are some of the biggest foreseeable threats that could lead to a major setback to the poverty level. 2) Can the entire global population be completely free of poverty; why so or why not; and what would be a comfortable or best-efforts level? 3) What would it take for the poverty to be lowered? Please share some successful and unsuccessful attempts in the past; policies being implemented today; and reforms planned for the future. 4) Does the planet have enough resources to ensure the entire population can live without poverty, and if so would it this be sustainable? 5) How can we ensure the indicators and numbers used to measure poverty reflect reality? For instance, a)the population living under $1.25 a day might have dropped from 43% in 1990 to 20% today but does this measure factor in inflation? b)Does it take into account the overall well-being and happiness of people? c) How does this measure treat those who fully rely on the support of NGOs and similar funding? d) Would narrowing the poverty lead to impoverishing the low income population? 6) Once we have achieved poverty eradication, what's next?
Sergio Carre
Mr. Kim, it's my wish that we're able to end with extreme poverty but I'm also a big enthusiast of organic food and home grown food and it seems paradoxical to think like that since organic food have difficulties achieving market scale with the same strenght as genetic modified food (GM food). Also, delivering GM Food to families in the poorest countries could lead to an economic subjection to other countries and damage local economy. How could the World Bank help supporting national organic food industry in the poorest countries with two main goals: 1- Help reduce extreme poverty 2- Reinforce the local economy
Asif Ibrahim
What role can Micro Finance (Grameen Bank Dr Yunus Model) play to alleviate poverty in South East Asia and Africa?
Yes we can if we are willing and we are full engaged to have a balanced world without poverty and in peace yes we can if we are mature and with reason
S.Zakir Abbas
In Pakistan for the last 6 years average GDP growth recorded about 3 percent, whereas labour force growth is around 3.5% and unemployment elasticity is 0.5%. There should be 7-8% growth is required to absorb labour force.
I think there, lot can be done apart from what mostly done in the field of Infrastructure, Energy and Private sector and NGOs involvement. Can you consider next, Providing Market and Technology Intelligence will add to such capacity building initiatives. One need to look at Value addition to product and services.
QN-1What is the criteria of considering people rich or poor-i mean the exact bench mark for distinguishing the both? QN-2-What are the two most prior things which should be targeted for ,in this movement?
Allahdino M H Kango
Poverty is of many kinds and definitions with different institutions are different. Usually it is the lack of need fulfillment and this can be achieved through access to money or 'help thy neighbour' policy. How could this be achieved to provide education, water and health facilities to all?
Amrit Upadhyaya Timsina
Dear Sir, Will you please look into the poverty of my zone? I am from north eastern part of India. North east is comprising of 7 states of indian country where the poverty is very high.
You talk about how we need a social movement to end poverty. What do you expect this social movement to do to actually end poverty? What steps do you expect it to take that will get real results on the ground?
makwemba malonje
Why is the emphasis on reducing extreme poverty and not achieving prosperity? secondly, prosperity in rich countries would require a significant level of investment that would finance sustainable growth. In 1970 the United nations passed resolution 2626 where rich countries pledged to provide .7% of their gni which could play this investment role. Forty years on almost all countries who signed up for this cause have not fulfilled their obligations. What approach is going to be used now to accelerate the fight against poverty when those who can help in achieving this have the audacity to renegade on their commitment voiced out in a un resolution?
Shabina Hussain
United States
We live in a divided world, where people and communities face marginalization everyday.This results in extreme poverty. How does world bank plan to help marginalized poor, who have no say in the decision making process?
Sherwin Nones
Is the rate of poverty growing or declining? Is the rate of increase of those not in the poverty level just more than the rate of growth of those who live in poverty? We should also look at the absolute number. Is the 43% in 1990 the same as the 20% we have today? To what do we attribute these developments?
Hemanshu Worah
Basic need of Human Society is Drinking Water, Major reason for River Pollution is Urban growth and Industrial Centers , Mineral Zones, What is the World Bank strategy for providing Water for Agriculture Irrigation and Water Supply to Rural & Urban Centers.
Edward Harridge
Do you think that a global agreement mandating quota and duty free access for goods from the Least Developed Countries would be a plausible and effective way of alleviating poverty through increased trade?
Garima Nagpal
How can it be ascertained that the Indian government is utilizing World Bank funds judiciously to eradicate poverty and not to fill their own pockets? With a corrupt nation like India with a highly corrupt ruling government, do you think the World Bank can pull some ropes to assure transparency and correct use of the funds and facilities provided?
francis osei
Well!,poverty we all know is an awful disease. but Tackling poverty is not an easy task. my question is what are the strategies in place to reform; the structural economic systems and population control in developing and under develop countries. Also i think there is the need for free and fair international trade at the world market. what measures does the world bank intend to use to create individual awareness about managing their resources World bank should also engage in projects that can generates profits,such profits can be use in education.Health and food. THANK YOU.
Nikhil Patki
We understand that the poverty is decreasing, but how do we bridge the gap between the have's and have-not's which is increasing yearly.
Anna Zamejc
How do you see the role of the private sector in confronting global poverty? What else could be done to ensure a better cooperation between the private sector and inter-government bodies in tackling the poverty challenge?
José Rabello
If there were investments in Africa for developing locally agriculture for food and for biofuels from sugar cane, for example, wouldn't this help the African peolple and the world?
Vincent Yuen
United States
I believe at the end of the day, economic development in these countries is the key to alleviating / eliminating poverty. What is the World Bank doing to foster economic development in these areaa? Any initiative to spur local entrepreneurship?
Vincent Yuen
United States
I believe at the end of the day, economic development in these countries is the key to alleviating / eliminating poverty. What is the World Bank doing to foster economic development in these areaa? Any initiative to spur local entrepreneurship?
kahima Silas
Strategic and not tied AID can propel development and save the developing world from extreme poverty. Its high time the west stopped giving us "useless" aid that ends up to the corrupt few.
Neer Rao
United States
The universal appeal of sports is a great medium for social change. How will the World Bank engage the world to launch a social movement similar to the breast cancer awareness campaign promoted by the NFL and many sports leagues? Creating this type of popular, creative link is critical. Poverty is endured by more people than breast cancer, and the fight to end it must gain the same kind of wide-spread prominence. This may call for prime-time television stations, the NFL, and celebrity football players to help raise awareness by wearing distinct pink (or another color) wristbands and ref's to throw pink flags on gameday? Over 1 billion live on less than 1.25 per day. The World Cup in Brazil is right around the corner. Yellow card need to be updated. Rally the owners of NFL teams and Goodall etc. Thoughts?
Somenath Dasgupta
End of the poverty is a realistic project of world;and everybody is welcoming this project.Because for the remedy and recovery from any criminal-ism and development of mankind this project is too much necessary for everybody,but about the reality of the implementation of this project how the verification of statistics are maintained by World Bank?
Toyin ldowu
The question the end of poverty,really?is very ambiguos.My question is which level of poverty are you referring to,is it poverty at individual level, community level, national level, or international level? thank you.
james kratz
United States
Afghanistan roughly the size of Texas has mineral wealth beyond current estimates. Developing this resource, distributing it to population via Labor, material, goods/services, food, shelter is the answer. After more than 5 years within, I believe the sincerity, pride of the Afghan citizen calls out for this development, not exploitation. How can we get there, you have proven programs that work in other countries. Yes, militarily ISAF helped train a security force, the same amount of planning in concert with development was needed. I believe the seeds are planted for development, once good and bad guys see there is enough and more for everyone it should be a positive. Greed will always be at hand, I always ask, how much is enough? Once you have enough, get out make room for the next guy willing to feed his family. My heart is with the Afghan People.
Ravindran Chandran
How to achieve the food production to feed the peoples in the changing climate (monsoon failure in various parts leads to high price in fundamental foods) is the big issue. It may cause double the poverty, hence the precaution measure may be taken for climate change to increase or maintain food production.
Meghraj Tamang
Will welfare approach of business/ economic development help countries to boost their sustainable development ?
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Please don't mind for such a basic question. I hope World Bank is very clear with what is poverty and about its definition. It is observed that statisticians and governments play with the facts and figures to show poverty is reducing, whereas common man observes juxtapose and that is Poverty is growing day by day. Hence, how would World Bank work in conjunction with such Governments around the world?
arif chishti
mongi letifi
what is the relationship between poverty and labor? what is the relationship between poverty and international economic power?
Hildegard Lingnau
There is a growing consensus that measuring income poverty is not enough. Would you agree that a post-2015 framework should include a measure for multidimensional poverty such as the MPI?
Hildegard Lingnau
Inequality is growing in and between countries. Would you agree to include inequality measures into a post-2015 framework? And if so, which one(s)? Gini, Palma ….? And how to make this happen?
Michelle Sullivan
How do we include human security as part and parcel of the political economy of nation states and regions? Can we truley achieve poverty reduction outside of making progress on human security more broadly? Should we incluse persistent inequity that displaces and marginalizes as ventral to the development paradigm? Can we achieve 2030 goals in poverty reduction without tackling structural socual,economic, and political inequity?
Samantha Mudaly
Corruption is a major problem in so many impoverished nations. What does the World Bank do to ensure that funds reach the intended people or programs. And how does the World Bank monitor corruption within those programs to ensure that funds are not misused?
Tanya Sandrock
United States
Do you think the World Bank/IMF/Federal Reserve could work together to implement a "World Therapeutic Debt Credit"? Since 199 countries hold national debt, the idea would be relieve a portion of a Nation's foreign debt if that amount is spent on research in green energy and research to fight global disease....similar to the debt for nature swaps. Would this led to innovation and a knowledge economy that would help eliminate poverty?
G Mikunthan
Sri Lanka
Its a question that really does the developed world pays interest to alleviate poverty? Its all depends on dependence on power, resource and technology sharing and maintaining the status.
Costa Rica
señor.JinYong Kin. Respetable señor- Cuales son las politicas que el Banco Mundial realiza concretamente en el campo de donación económica para apoyar proyectos de innovación para reducir la pobreza extrema en países del tercer mundo,dado que tengo un proyecto y he tocado las puertas en entidades que hablan mucho sobre la pobreza,la equidad de genero y otras pero la verdad es otra muy diferente,se da cuenta uno, que nada de lo que ponen en sus paginas de internet es cierto. Porque cae uno en el engaño ,juegan con la buena fe de las personas que deseamos hacer algo por los que mas necesitan.
Abu Reza
World's extreme poverty is declining, estimated in statistical term. World Bank's contribution in this respect has been minimal, given its public sector intervention. Will the Bank be prepared to redesign its intervention through empowering the duly elected local bodies whereby the ownership of facilities, like in health, education, water, irrigation etc., are transferred to them, rather than to sector Ministries, and on condition that the executing and operating agencies will have to be elected local bodies. Only such operations should qualify for IDA funding. This approach, allowing for introduction of accountability in local level development, will help countries move towards a bottom-up democratic process. This approach is likely to expedite poverty eradication as well as democratization more speedily. Will the Bank be bold enough to insist for this approach with its poor member countries?
Bruce Summers
United States
How many volunteers are needed to end poverty? Does the World Bank have a strategic volunteer engagement plan and the infrastructure to engage this many volunteers?
How can the Bank improve transaction time and cost which is probably highly dependent on internal bureaucracy of the Bank and Clients? The issue gets prominence once transformation project like “Padma Bridge’ in Bangladesh couldn’t find its way.
aurangzaib khan
Well this poverty issue has spred out all over the work and its not only World Bank aim to reduce/remove peverty, if minute think about that who is responsible it will come to the result means what you have decided to take step and good idea to stop this human pain (Food, Cloth, Shelter, good health ) at this stage do have a good plan to implement door to door and do we have good people team who always willing to come out and make people happy to provide basic needs.
Thabiso Zuma
South Africa
Why World Bank has failed to reduce or end poverty in many countries like Sudan, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Zambia,DRC and others? Can developing countries be transformed into a developed countries, is it possible?
Jahan Hoggarth
Mr President, do you think genetically modified food could be the answer to ending the world poverty, if it helps to ncrease the food production and supply? thank you Jahan
Saima Khan
I believe cross-sector partnerships are needed more today than ever before to help alleviate poverty. Sustainable strategies need to be designed and implemented. For instance considering the ubiquity of technology today, one way to help alleviate poverty would be through digital jobs. Digital jobs are not restricted by time and space, which means that educated unemployed youth, physically disabled, women restricted to work in offices due to societal pressures and other disadvantaged categories (often found at the base of the pyramid) can be pulled out of poverty by providing them with sustainable employment. To what extent do you think businesses could contribute towards poverty alleviation, by implementing these kind of strategies?
Saima Khan
I believe cross-sector partnerships are needed more today than ever before to help alleviate poverty. Sustainable strategies need to be designed and implemented. For instance considering the ubiquity of technology today, one way to help alleviate poverty would be through digital jobs. Digital jobs are not restricted by time and space, which means that educated unemployed youth, physically disabled, women restricted to work in offices due to societal pressures and other disadvantaged categories (often found at the base of the pyramid) can be pulled out of poverty by providing them with sustainable employment. To what extent do you think businesses could contribute towards poverty alleviation, by implementing these kind of strategies?
Peter Maxson
How can other renowned institutions - such as the Harvard Business School for one - best contribute to the formidable challenge of ending extreme poverty within a generation? How can the private sector contribute? And is the objective really achievable without such a full-court press?