Interview with Ramzia Aleryani

Status: Completed
Ramzia Aleryani
Yemeni Women Union
Areas of expertise: Gender Equality
Ms. Aleryani is General Secretary of the General Arab Women Union and Chairwoman of the Yemeni Women Union, one of the oldest and largest non-governmental organizations in Yemen. In 2010, the International Alliance for Women awarded her the World of Difference Award, which recognized her as one of 100 women in the world for her efforts in advancing the economic empowerment of women.

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Geo Perez
United States
Are your organization interested in help to develop projects that have mainly Humanitarian concept.
belete mitike
has gender impacts on male? if yes, what is its impacts on male ?
Messeret Assefa
How to go about the gender main streaming leveling tool
hi, could u tell me, how much poverty have you cleared?
C. Sethumadhavan Nair
Even in 21st century, gender reality is far from reality, including in India. How women empowerment can be effectively implemented?
what are the solutions of gender equality's problems?
After the Arab Spring, we have seen some formerly secular (though authoritarian) societies converge into more religious (though democratic) ones. My question is: was the Arab Spring good for women?
How do you feel as a muslimat promoting gender equality? Is there any encounter that makes you feel wrong or inferior in discharge of this objective
I think women needs to be empowered from the family. For that people should be educated. What action you can take to make universal education a reality in arab world?
Rukiya Juma baballa
The perception of many people about a "muslim woman" is that "they are to be seen and not heard" (which i know is not the case because im a muslim and a carreer woman). how did you achieve this daunting task of economic empowerment of women? thank you
hi madam, what are the effort your group are making in other for women to be in active politic in your country and how are your group doing to improved the education knowledge of the women.
Donald Walubengo
In a country like Yemeni, it's much hard to anticipate gender equality.How is your organization doing about with this?
Ngene joseph
You' ve done a marverious work in Yemeni keep d flag flying. As you devoted yourself to charity work, may Alla bless U Amen. Nevertheless kindly help me to finish up my school.
Helen Rankin
It's normal for teens to question their place in the world & confusing when their ideas differ from what they’re taught at home & by their community. Does Citizen Journalism provide young women an opportunity to feel less isolated & more confident to question gender equality in their everyday lives?
Victoria W. Ndolo
How have you managed to achieve gender equality and women economic empowerment in Yemen?