Interview with Michael Elliott

Status: Completed
Michael Elliott
President and Chief Executive Officer
Areas of expertise: International affairs, Food and Agriculture, Global Health

Michael Elliott is the President and Chief Executive Officer of ONE. Prior to joining ONE, Michael Elliott served as editor of TIME International, Deputy Managing Editor of TIME Magazine, and was also a columnist on the global economy for Fortune magazine. Elliott was named editor of TIME International in April 2005 after spending a year as editor of TIME Asia. He joined TIME in May 2001 as an editor-at-large after a year spent as editor-in-chief of eCountries, an internet-based news and analysis service on global affairs. From 1995-2000 he was editor of Newsweek International, and from 1984-93 he was on the staff of The Economist, where he was political editor and Washington bureau chief and the founding author of both the “Bagehot” and “Lexington” columns.

Prior to his career in journalism, he was a member of the Central Policy Review Staff in Britain’s Cabinet Office, and before that spent eight years teaching in universities in the United States and United Kingdom, ending his academic career with a tenured position at the LSE. Elliott was born and raised in the suburbs of Liverpool, England, and took two degrees at Oxford University.

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All Questions

Narendra Patil
Sir, do you think we will be able to cater the needs of future generations for adequate fooe in affordable price, despite extensive harm to the environment?
Nura Abdulahi Bello
wich one is best market for sesame what is the export procedures from my country what type of farming do u advise me to go into from northern nigeria for commercial purpose finally do u advise me to maintain farming as abusiness- THANK YOU
Anastasia kalekye muia
Was journalism your childhood career?Am asking this because my childhood career was journalism but i am now doing something very different from that.
Saif Shafi
Can microfinance banks survive on their own banking model without entering into SME banking area?
C. Sethumadhavan Nair
Why income disparity is increasing between haves and have-nots in India? Main reasons please.
Khalid Mohamed Mohamud
As you are international food and agriculture affairs how can we mention you intervention of recent food crisis and droughts in Somalia. Second does your organization work in the field of humanitarian. How can you support suffered people in Somalia. Thanks, Khalid Mohamed Mohamud.
Dhirendra Prasad Koirala
What about the global economy ? Is it out of danger ? What you think like my country Nepal,where got plenty of resources like water,himalays.... ? Pls give me ideas in the perspective of Finance because we got challaenges to follow the real finacial policy>
Messeret Assefa
I need to know how to frame a country gendermain streaming assessment leveling tool
what are important procedures when a foreign partner ask you to act as her next of kin to transfer her/his fa late fathers amount of money?
In your opinion, what is the best solution for ending world poverty?
dorothy turner
United States
Is it possible to live on $1,266 a month and have a home to live in that is comfortable, presentable, and has a yard? (Plus all the amenities such as indoor plumbing and elctricty). If so, please tell me how. I am a person with disabilities and live on a limited income.
Joe Mason
United States
How can ONE rally faith groups to put aside their differences and come together to fight extreme poverty? Most major religions cite the need for mercy on/toward the poor and suffering. Could be the mechanism to bring them together?
Kathleen Hart-Wallman
United States
Is it at all possible to feed the world with sustainable non GMO farming given that there is a dirth of arable land? If so, what are the steps that need to be taken by individual countries and their citizens to facilitate this?
What is the key to ONE's success? Why do you think ONE's following is so large/loyal? What is ONE doing differently from other similar organizations?
Obed Masege
How can the question of sustainability be tackled in the case where there is a rapid population growth and there is a need for more food production?
Joshua Cox
South Africa
How would you respond to the criticism that aid agencies and NGOs like ONE act as the SAVIOURS of poor African communities and in doing so give the Africans themselves NO OPTION but to remain the VICTIMS in need of saving? Are we not just further disempowering communities?
Mahima Singh
Sir,do you agree with the fact that only when the third world countries or developing nations are developed and equal to the developed ones, would there be global harmony?
Daniela Mahlke
What's your opinion on companies like Foxconn where thousands of people get employed, but they are working much too hard and long for 14 dollars a day. Shouldn't there be laws, governmental policies, etc. protecting every employee from exploitation/poverty?
Adewumi Taiwo
Sir, You as an expert in agriculture, how can Nigerians connect to foreign investors to establish agribusiness such as poultry, fishery, cocoa/oil plantation, cattle in Nigeria? If a person/group has a proposal/business plan on agribusiness, how can you help the person to present it? Thanks.
abrham mulu
sir,which way is better in securing the African food problem.