Interview with Kristalina Georgieva

Status: Completed
Kristalina Georgieva
European Commissioner for International Cooperation
European Commission
Areas of expertise: Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Response, Disaster Resilience

Kristalina Georgieva is currently the European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response. She is also co-chair of the Resilience Dialogues, an initiative of the international donor community to better integrate humanitarian, development and climate change investments to build disaster resilience in a changing world.

Before joining the Commission in 2010, she held various positions at the World Bank including Director of Sustainable Development and Director for the Russian Federation based in Moscow. She is an Environmental Economist by training and was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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I have wondered why can't we start looking at mechanisms for ozone layer repair with a view to prevent future damage in a sustained manner. If you are interested, please get back to me. I have ideas. Regards, Olagoke.
Semir Bjelevac
Bosnia and Herzegovina
What my be the best way for Bosnia and Herzegovenia.How thay can solve the problem?In reality and opinion about Bosnia and Herzegovenia peoples standard and conditions of life.Thank you.
How many years india should tags itself as developing country.. N wat about the people in africa who r living in forests n out of civilization.. Can't world bank focus an eye on their living status..
Daphne Marino
How aware is the EC about identity theft during natural disasters in higher income countries? Have they taken any measures to prevent it? Is there a database that keeps record of the identity theft reports?
I am an agriculture student.What would be the immediate need to feed the world with increasing change in climate?
How do you envision the World Bank, or any aid development agency, strengthening its role with governments via public-sector capacity-building? I imagine the contrasting stories of Rwanda and Haiti as conflicting examples.
Muhammad Aurangzeb
The aid given by the donor agencies to combat the disasters has never been, judiciuosly spent. This pilferage is done in connivance of the donor agencies.What measures you are to adopt to prevent such like abuses, in future, notwithstanding the happenings done earlier?
How to become a businessman? I am a college student
Dinabandhu Panda
Dear kristalina, Please give me tips i would like to invest some indian currency at a time where will be better to invest.
erick michael
Am a Tanzanian Planning to form an environmental conservation and management organization with the mission of acquiring reserved rural land developing forest reserves for public - private benefits across the country.
Kelly Hawrylyshyn, DRR Advisor, Plan UK
United Kingdom
How is the Resilience Dialogues initiative ensuring a child centred approach to building resilience in a changing world - where girls and boys living in at risk communities have the skills, knowledge and resources to adapt and realise their rights in a changing climate?
Rufus Cain
United States
After food, fuel + financial crisis + series of droughts, clear world needs 2 look hard @ how 2 strengthen resilience 2 external shocks. What are top FIVE things governments + global community can do 2 build resilience + promote lasting food + nutrition security?
Narendra Patil
Madam, Despite growing misuse and harmess to environment, why countries don't work in co-ordination with each other?
Ibrahim Fouda
Egypt, Arab Rep.
What's the relationship between international conflict resolution and international cooperation? In your opinion, how they are related? If we want to achieve world peace and prosperity, how can use our conflict resolution and international cooperation studies to advance peace?
ashraf erbaye
dear kristalina,hi,you know my country libya was under control mohamar kdafi and propably will change from socialism to the open economy so how can i invest my money with this situation? notes libya has the biggist oil reserve in africa ,and i have almost 20,000 $.regards,erbaye
Donald Walubengo
What plans are underway to ensure that the public is informed about in advance before the disaster hits?
Adewumi Taiwo
Madam, Does your organization have a kind of preventive method of avoiding occurence of disaster/crisis or is only distater resilience and crisis response you focus on? Thanks
Marco Federhen
Is there a simple/reliable/statutory way to send used products/in good conditions (toys and clothes for children) from Spain to NGO's in Brazil? If yes,what exactly procedure should I take?
If you don't have a fuctioning govt to transfer the international aid to its beneficiaries how you can do that. If you let this status quo remains it wil make the situation more worse. How you think you can work on this viscious circle?
Nadia Walleta
United States
Are disasters really more frequent or we know more about them because of 24/7 news coverage?