Interview with Jim Guest

Status: Completed
Jim Guest
President and Chief Executive Officer
Consumers International
Areas of expertise: Financial Inclusion, Remittances, Consumer Protection
Jim Guest became the President and CEO of Consumer Reports in February 2001 after a long career in public service, including 21 years as Chair of its Board of Directors. Founded in 1936, Consumer Reports is the world's premier consumer testing, research, publishing, and advocacy organization with annual revenue of more than $240 million and more than eight million subscribers to its products and services. Guest has also been a strong leader in the international consumer movement and currently serves as the President (Board Chair) of Consumers International, the global federation of more than 200 consumer organizations from 115 countries.

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United States
What's the best way for consumers to protect themselves when it comes to remittances and transfering money abroad.
Is it realistic to expect governments from poorer countries to enforce consumer protection regulations when they have greater daily challenges?
"Green Products" costs more than "Normal Products". In most cases, people prefer the second one for its prices. Is it possible to reduce the prices of green products? Is there some speculations behind the production of "green products"? Is it possible to reach competitive prices?
Julia Modern
United Kingdom
Following recent problems in the microfinance sector do we need external verification of the social impact of microfinance institutions and how can this best be implemented?
J. Gilez
In your view, which are the main three aspects that governments must take care of to protect consumer rights on financial services?