Interview with Christian Friis Bach

Status: Completed
Christian Friis Bach
Minister for Development Cooperation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Areas of expertise: Global Sustainability, Green Growth, Development Economics

Christian Friis Bach is Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation, a position he has held since October 2011. He has extensive knowledge of the fields of global sustainability, green growth and development economics. Most recently he was the Special Advisor for EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, assisting on the U.N. Global Sustainability Panel. He has also held the positions of International Director of DanChurchAid from 2005-2010 and CEO of ViewWorldApS from 2010-2011.

An experienced academic, he has held positions of Associate Professor of International Economics/Development Economics at the Royal Danish Agricultural University from 1999-2005 and Assistant Professor in Development Economics at the University of Copenhagen from 1995-1999. Mr. Friis Bach holds a Ph.D. in International Economics from the Royal Danish Agricultural University.

All Questions

Anders Martinsen
How important do you find social capital and how does this influence the aspect of lifelong learning?
Gemechu Shale Ogato
Do you think economic growth rate of a given country is a good indicator for sustainable development of that country? what alternative economic model do we have for our future world to have win-win solutions for citizens of the world?
Yilma Muluken
I cann't see any relevant/workable economic model or theorty that works for Africa. What is the root cause of it? And what do you recommend for real change?
What are the main effects of the "Globalization Process" that go against Sustainable Development?
Michal Rapacki
What balance in market and government power is recommended for maximizing sustainable growth? Which social needs should be provided by private sector and which by public? Taking in to account here: healthcare, education, pensions, etc.
Recently there has been a movement/shift from one financial crisis to another, so what do you think should be done to prevent these crisis from continuing affecting the world economy that will substitute the tendency of bailing-out financial institutions after crisis?
Rick Ciccarelli
I am working with Blue Green Canada and am interested in learning more about your national strategy for hydrogen powered transportation. Can you tell me what the current status is and where/from whom I can connect with on technology innovation and economic development.
Marie Lourdes Leon
What the link?? Sustainability and Green Growth??
what is government's role in sustainability?
Mary Gbetuwa
Sierra Leone
Which type of sustainable development strategy is to be used in developing countries especially in Sierra Leone where we have a lot of natural resources but is in the raw state.
What is the relevance of velocity of circulation of money theory in an economy,use relevant examples