Interview with Carol Civita

Status: Completed
Carol Civita
Fundação Victor Civita
Areas of expertise: Safety Nets, Regulatory mechanisms for Philanthropy, Education

Carol Civita is committed to strengthening the growing philanthropic sector in Brazil. She is an active supporter of international and Brazilian nonprofits in the fields of health, education, entrepreneurship and the environment, including Operation Smile, Lar da Misericórdia, Make-a-Wish, Projeto Gota d’Agua, and Child Funds, enabling them to develop their work, network and partner with others. She also serves on the board of “Tempo de Mulher,” an organization dedicated to informing and empowering working women from Brazil’s emerging middle class.

A member of the Civita family in Brazil, she learned about philanthropy from the Victor Civita Foundation, her family’s foundation which has contributed to the improvement of teacher quality in Brazil for the past 25 years. Founded in 1985, the foundation aims to both develop and recognize the value of teachers in basic education and strives to work towards a country with sufficient schools, good teachers, incentives for teaching activities and material for pedagogical practices.

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United States
Thank you for your time. What is being done in Brazil to promote Autism acceptance in every community?
Leticia Capiello
Venezuela, RB
I'm passionate about social entrepreneurship and NGOs development. How do you start dedicating your life to support nonprofits? And which is your best advice to someone who wants to work in this same area.
Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy
United States
Hello, I work for the philanthropic and intl engagement office of our Federal agency. Do you see philanthropy in Brazil attempting to break down silos between sectors and within the foundation area? Thanks... Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy Director (acting) IPI HUD
Muhammad Aurangzeb
You have done wonders in Brazil, would you spare sometime towrds more desreving people living in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I am sure, you most have known the catostrphis over here.
Emad alsoundi
WE have weakness in other language’s could you please give us opportunity to have aid for Sudanese people from your organization to improve their foreign language? and what DO you suggest to improve our foreign language?
Dr. Arvind shelar
respected madam, is developing country like India, Sri lanka, Pakistan etc. an active support needed in the teaching activities and material for pedagogical practices for there empowerment specialy womens will you genrate them. wish you best luck.
syed ahsan habib
hey,how are u ? why did you choose this occupation?
With Mbanking and commerce emerging, there certainly is a need for trained army of professionals to ensure reliable use of the system in Africa. Want to train, work or network with institutionals in this area. currently, working in trade/market information, economy research & consultancy.
Kwesi Adarkwa
What do you think is the best approach for funding Secondary Education (15-18yrs)in developing countries. This is against the backdrop of poorly developed education.
Trinidad and Tobago
What motivational challenges does a diversified workforce create for supervisors
Arvind Kulkarni
Interested in technical education specifically polytechnic education Seeking collaborative efforts under the umbrella of world bank between countries to produce quality global work force Can you help or guide ?
Marius afane
Hello, am interested to how can a better access to quality education for students from developping countries in specific areas as Engineering, Medecal sciences,etc. be achieved through philantropic mechanisms without necessairly taking the students out of their environment(Country)?.
Lucy Field-Dodgson
New Zealand
Hi there, I am undergoing a project on corporate philanthropy and what is effective and efficient. I would be interested in what you would define "effective philanthropy" as?
How can I start Microfinance Business or Village level cooperative societies
Narendra Patil
Madam, don't you think that the educational system which is in place now,would really work or it needs to be restructured?
Sri Lanka
In your point of view what should be the goal of education?
C. Sethumadhavan Nair
Madam, why gender disparty is very high in India? Will you agree that this is relevant in the context of that Indian Parliament could not pass 33% reservation for the women in the Parliament even after obtaining independence in 1947!
Prabhavathy Ramakrishnan
Madam, How can we go beyond just donating money to the philanthropic institutions,and taking up small projects? Is there a scope in globally integrating the private sector players (from individual-corporate)in this field?
Nani ismawati
Could you give some advice, how to get donation for our foundation. We have many building which need recovering, rehabilitation, renovation. It has been doing a years ago. By the way disaster ruined our country now. It causes by flooding, tsunami, earthquacke.
Mahima Singh
Mam, what steps have been taken to eradicate illiteracy and improve the state of life of people in the impoverished countries?