Interview with Betty Mwangi

Status: Completed
Betty Mwangi
General Manager, Financial Services
Areas of expertise: Gender Equality, Mobile Finance

Ms. Mwangi has over 13 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Her current business unit includes M-PESA, the globally acclaimed money transfer service. In June 2010, she was featured by MCI (Mobile Communications International) as one of the top 10 women in mobile globally. Prior to joining Safaricom she was Chief Marketing Officer at Afsat Communications Ltd, responsible for developing and managing the distributor network for the iWay business in 26 African countries. In August 2011, Betty was recognized as one of the TOP 10 African Women in ICT by the ITNewsAfrica.

Ms. Mwangi is a Kenyan citizen and has a B. Eng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Victoria University of Manchester and also has an MBA from the University of Leicester - both in the UK. 

All Questions

satish joshi
What is the reason behind the low birth rate of a girl child in south Asia?
What is gender equality? why they are hessitating to access all the services equal to men? why some of females taking over advantages of their right? suggest a valid point them to be a good charecter value.
Stephen G. Njenga
Would it be financially strategic were Safaricom to consider buying a piece of Vodafone group?
Enny Soekoer
I interested in women and children problem solving. How can I get funds to develop my activity?
Falmata Ari
I am interested in women and children in developing countries. How can I get involved in this noble cause, being I am an auditor, and get funding to start those activities?
Leticia Capiello
Venezuela, RB
I participated in the 3rd HGCC The challenge was to create a business model for SunnyMoney get off-grid solar power to african households. Teams included M-PESA service as part of their idea, and I will like to know about the social impact in African countries that this service has brought.
Pete Silvester
United States
The term "inclusive innovation" is a bit of a buzz word these days. How do you view the concept, what do you see as the potential impacts, and what is the role of governments in encouraging it?
Balaram Paudel
1. Why the woman are depended on man ? 2. what are the benefits of mobile banking ? 3. What are the demerites of sms or e banking ? 4. How can we empower i n gender eqity @ equality ? 5. What may be the tools financial approach fo woman ?
Mojisola. F. Akinsanya
I am a social enterpreneur. I am interested in women girls, boys and children in developing countries. How can I get involved as agent of change and get funding to start those intervention for inclusive innovation.
Rose Nyawira
There is the theory that mobile money is contributing to inflation in countries like Kenya because of removing money from the mainstream financial sectors.Whats your view?
Rabia Razzaque
How to tap CSR funds/grants for business setup or enterprise/ development? There are banks that give loans on interest basis and grants on equity sharing, but rural women enterpreneurs can not afford equity contribution.
Arda Kaynak
i would like to ask about the different apps for business lines. for ex. we have an app for sme banking, on the other hand retail banking have different aps. if we have only one unique app, than it has the risk of being too complicated.
Alfanus Edmont Olsan
For the Accessibility, how to make the internet become accessible for men and women not only in the business field but also in education field ?
with the emerging m commerce and banking applications, want train, work or network in this field for improved service, consultancy capacity in Africa. Currently working in market/trade information, economy and related BDS support consultancy in Ethiopia.
kumsa Desisa
what is the role of gender expert/student in the current world?
John Kinuthia
Hi Betty, What is the current penetration of M-pesa in Rural areas with low formal banking access and what is the impact?
Roberto Barrientos
Who do you think will create the sistem and look for security in it? Is is going to be plastic cards companies like Visa and Master Card, IT complanies like Google, an international organisation or which other?
erick michael
I would like to get assistance on the issue of mobile finance, marketing and gender issues. But on line, and public communication is not better compared to a straight coversation to Ms. Mwangi. Am asking for personal contacts including Telephone and e mail
sharafat khan
what is micro finance within Islamic Bank please a give information
Yuki Shigedomi
Do you think that the poor will be affected negatibely and exploited by the grobal economy from now on by owning the interest in banking?