Interview with Anthony Lake

Status: Completed
Anthony Lake
Executive Director
UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)
Areas of expertise: Child Development, Nutrition, Humanitarian Assistance

Anthony Lake is the sixth Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), where he has led the organization’s renewed focus on equity, a cost-effective approach to achieving greater results for the world’s most disadvantaged children.

As Chairman of the United Nations’ Scaling Up Nutrition Movement, Mr. Lake has taken a special interest in under-nutrition and childhood stunting.

Among other senior roles, Mr. Lake was US National Security Adviser (1993-1997), and served as the President’s Special Envoy in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Haiti. Formerly Chair of the US Fund for UNICEF, he also has served on the Boards of several other international development organizations.

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hello sir i want to reduce poverty and help giving children nutrition . for that i have to start a factory so how can UNICEF or no can help me ... that i can also take part in social welfare and development of world
I have a doubt that how can a person living in united states understand the situation of child hunger in Africa. As the real understanding comes when a person lives with such kind of a situation. Please live it then try to solve their problems.
YIM Pouthea
Dear Mr. Athony Lake; My name is YIM Pouthea, Cambodia. I have questions: 1- What is the main policy that UNICEF will do to bridge the gap of hunger between developing and developed countries? 2-Does the world produce enough food to feed child /everyone? Kind regards, YIM Pouthea
In the second quater of this year.what do UNICEF plan to do to help africa children.
Mr Josias MOKURA
Congo, Dem. Rep.
We are in the twentieth century, and africa is my country and the general DRCONGO has areas where education is lacking. What is your point of view on this matter and that of the UN?
Alejandro Leiton
How the International Community or regional authorities has helped to the children who witnessed of genocide and war crimes?. Is that help continuously or only for a little time?
Ramesh Thapa
In the Nepal, what do UNICEF plan to do to help nepali childre
what is the advice for reduce the child abuse in Asian countries
Abdul Waheed Khan
Pakistan is a poor country and in spite of immense help for the children from the international donors, development of the children cannot be made properly and still lot of problems exists for the children particularly in the villages
AI Sokly
The education for Children in Cambodia is still limited, so can you show some methods in order to let the poor children has proper education, and especially in rural area.
Francisco Sanchez
How can rural education be improved in rural countries like Colombia and how long does it take to see the results on indicators of human development for children of a new policy focussed on rural development?
Laura Sikstrom
1. What do you see the role of plumpy nut, or RTUF in solving/improving child malnutrition for children and their families?; 2. How does UNICEF monitor RTUF feeding within households? That is, how do you know the targetted child is actually getting all of the food?
Deepak rousa
What will be your prieority & plan for poor hungry children in Africa ?
Munish Yadav
As far as child hunger is concerned I think that apart from ensuring food for children going to the school in their respective schools(ie mid-day meals), govt should set up "special units" whose sole aim will be to provide food to the children who are not coming under the school-going category.
Why not seek investors for food supplies? In return, they will have their products advertised should the action recieve international coverage?
Carmen Cilia
What happened to the homeless children in Haiti after the earthquake? How can one help to soften the suffering in children in war zones - to make their life more meaningful, to upgrade their dignity?
Joyce Montgomery
United States
In what ways can caring and respectful university students, individually and in groups,play an effective and significant role in the development or implementation of long-term solutions to world health needs?
Richard Hytinen
United States
We feed over 100 young people, Baja Mexico Food banks in San Diego County feel that their food must stay in San Diego County. One mother with six children, no father, is paralyzed. The only way she could feed her children was to give favors to the neighbor men. Where can we get help with food?
Ajit Oraon
In the india what do unicef plan to do to help indian children.
Binod chaudhary
Hello sir,hunger within the vicious circle of street living children is bartered as unconsciousness for living with the dentrites and drugs, what are the upcoming strategies in 'hunger freeing' especially on regard of street children all around the world?