Share your views: How do you cope with high food prices?
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Share your views: How do you cope with high food prices?

February 2, 2012

Millions of people worldwide have been struggling to pay for basic food staples such as rice, oil and wheat since prices began climbing in late 2010. According to the latest Food Price Watch report, global food prices declined 8% between September and December of 2011 due to increasing supplies and uncertainty about the global economy, but still remain volatile and high with the 2011 annual index 24% higher than its average in 2010.

Replay the live chat below to learn about the different types of coping strategies people around the world are using when food prices are high.


Senior Economist, Poverty, World Bank
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Gustavo Mourraille
Choosing cheaper food. Normally meat is most expensive so I dont eat it frequently.
Promoting HHO as as the cleanest and cheapest source of energy: (type in Google "HHO" for reference) Tomas
david hernandez
preference is to consume more local crop products, less beef-fish meat and even consume less quantity of food. Various steam veggies reduce the time in serving and improve one pocket and health....
For me, a better distribution of global resources is the key of a real development. People are dying of hunger while Africa has land and lack of technology to produce.
My family do plant food in our back yard, such as root crops and vegetables, and it is really helping as we and don’t have to buy these. There are other families doing this, but it is particularly so for families that resides in the peri-urban and rural areas that have access to land.
Omotayo Omolere J
Set up a sustainable supply value chain.this prevents food loss and consequently has effect on the price of produce. Support Farming,government should subsides agro -business, facilitate proper infrastructure and excempt tax payment for farmers and most agro-business,.
Iran, Islamic Rep.
wheat and corn
seneviratne Somaratne
Sri Lanka
Encourage grow your own food where ever possible. Promoting home gardens, urban agriculture and intensive cultural practices
I believe that food is food,we cooked it and makes the price to ourself.anyamounth we are able to pay because is food. thank you.
Moses Ojo
Eating less than before, instead eating three times daily it has been reduced to two times daily or at times once.
James Kugbadzor
All i can say is improve the value chains of the operators and make them more competititive
Sengonzi Edith
i have 3 sons, so what we do is certain foods are only given to the children, for us adults can go without them, until the prices will low so we can get them in large quantities to feed all of us.
West Bank and Gaza
Try to cook at home each time for 2 days. In addition to that work hard in order to get more salary.
i try to get some food stuff from source, though that may cost me a bit in transporting them, but then i buy more for less.
Gokhan Kumpas
We try to buy cheaper products. Especially consuming chicken meat rather than beef or red meat. Diary products are also expensive. We try not to consume much.
Ricky Ramnarine
Trinidad and Tobago
focus on your basic needs first before attempting to purchase what you prefer. choosing locally grown foodstuffs over foreign ones.
Daniel Gebre
Eating the cheapest and minimizing the amount
Ibrahim Ali Makawi Ahmed
some times concentrating on the substitutes ie:instead of meat using legumes. Also some times taking only 2 meals per day. Buy stuffs from stores it is cheaper. finding other income sources(additional work as consultant). government should support local industry