Q&A: Why are Food Prices on the Rise Again?
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Q&A: Why are Food Prices on the Rise Again?

Tuesday, May 8

After a four-month decline, global food prices jumped 8 percent during the first quarter of 2012. This is causing hardship for millions of people worldwide, especially those with already-scarce resources.

Replay a discussion with World Bank senior economist José Cuesta as he discussed  the latest issue of Food Price Watch and the impact of rising food prices.

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Senior Economist, Poverty, World Bank
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Deepak rousa
What are the main reasons to be food more expensive & what is your policy to maintain the price of food in poor areas ?
Fabian Castro
are crops for biofuel purposes really making an impact on food prices?
Kahfi Riza
The rising of food prices is a fact to face by all over countries. As the capitalization on agricultural industries and speculation take a part in, it would be default thing happens. It'll be better if you explore the global behavoiur on food pricing and forecast the next trend of it.
With middle class growing and poverty going down, the demand for food is increasing. Don't you think that food prices will continue to rise for a long time?
what is/are your comment for developing countries in which this problem is critical.
Ejaz Ahmad Virk
Rising food prices is a threat to lower income groups,especially those of third world countries .if this trend of rinsing prices is not checked ,i am afraid lest it will reach to the point of starvation of millions of people.What is the world bank doing regarding this issue?
Reem Mansour
Egypt, Arab Rep.
Will food prices keep going up indefinitely? and if saw how would countries respond?
Colleen Campbell
United States
Whats the correlation with transportation costs? I've noticed food prices increasing but so is the price of gas.
What is the impact of financial speculation over food prices rise?
why is the petrol prices are increasing?what is the reason for increase?
To what extent is this surge driven by financial institution and mere speculation? Why is speculation with food not internationally banned?
Talal Alazemi
How the high food prices effect the Arabian Gulf Region, and do you have any idea about the value of the imports of food required by the Arab countries.?
Daniel Wilson
There is a strong positive correlation between global oil and food prices. Correlation does not imply causation, however I think it would be safe to assume oil (input) is likely the cause of high food (output) prices. There is a risk premium priced into oil (est. $6-18 pb) due to issues in ME;
Daniel Wilson
The risk of an outright war has diminished substantially, as such, the price of oil will likely reflect this fact in the near future. Once this dynamic plays out, do you feel the prices of food will also ease their pace of growth? How influential do you feel global energy prices are to food prices?
Daniel Wilson
Do you have any working papers to recommend on market risk premiums and food prices?
gunjan jha
Isn't it true that demand and supply are very delicately balanced at uncomfortable levels with little spare capacity. With fundamentals against increasing supply levels and with demand pressures, does World Bank have a solution? Is there a solution?
TOSSOU Aho Richard
What to do to solve the issue of hunger effectively? What responsibilities: 1 - Government 2 - Civil Society 3 - regional or international Community .
Matthew Cummins
United States
Why don't we have more sophisticated real-time food price monitors at national and local levels across the developing world to inform policymakers and the global community when nutritional crises are looming? Are the World Bank/FAO boosting investments in such mechanisms?
Irum Touqeer
and what do you suggest is the main reason for the rise in food prices (again)? does this point towards need for providing/increasing food-aid?
Pam Schmitt
United States
U.S. farmers and ranchers have more rules and regulations each day, and increased costs. Land is being set aside for animal use instead of humans. Lawsuits, lobbying and blogs against farming prevail. Have people forgotten that without farmers they go hungry?
Yolanda Ajak
With the current budget cuts including cuts to social services, a declining job market how do you expect countries to adjust to the rising global food prices especially on behalf of low income families.
Helene Boeck
Is there something fundamental changing in the food system? How many percentages would you estimate the global recession and high oil prices have affected the change? How do you see the future role of G20 on food related issues? Is the game over for WTO on this?
United States
The food system should be front and center of the discussion on climate change as food production will be critically impacted as climate becomes more unstable with more droughts/floods etc and with sharply escalating prices triggering famines and social unrest.
Xiaojun Hu
I want to ask the food price rise is global problem or district problem. What's the difference between developed country and developing country, especially in China. Many thanks for your response.
China's food price is very high, which beyond the popular's affordbility. However the government claim that the price is stable.Why would this.
China's food price is very high, which beyond the popular's affordbility. However the government claim that the price is stable.Why would this.
What can be done seriously for augmenting production of meat and meat products.Can I get any help for preparation of a project report for the same to be implemented in Arunachal Pradesh where more than 90% population are tribal and having international boundary with China and Mayanmar.
Kudhi Gulha
Subsistence farming by a large majority of the world population has to happen starting right now!
Lelia Rotaru
United Kingdom
Do you agree that much of the industrial food is artificially cheap? Do you agree that a sustainable diet can be affordable as well? Thank you