Q&A: Innovations in the Fight Against Corruption
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Q&A: Innovations in the Fight Against Corruption

Thursday May 31, 2012

The World Bank sees corruption as one of the single largest obstacles to economic and social development. Enforcement, international cooperation, technology and prevention knowledge are critical elements of an effective anti-corruption agenda. 

Replay a Q&A with Leonard McCarthy, the World Bank's Vice President for Integrity, as he discussed the recent progress in the fight against corruption, new tools to hold wrongdoers accountable, and how technology can help strengthen anti-corruption efforts.

The questions and comments will be featured at the 2nd meeting of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance hosted by the World Bank on June 5-6, 2012 in Washington D.C. The Alliance brings together more than 286 senior enforcement and anticorruption officials from 134 countries to address global and regional corruption priorities and share their investigative knowledge and experience.

Replay the discussion below.


Integrity Vice President, World Bank Group
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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
It’s sure corruption will lead to 'total-human-death'. Now, I've one amazing question, 'being non-corrupt and let not-corrupt' a qualification or dis-qualification, especially, at most of the higher positions in non-democratic countries?
In any organisation, there are three position of human intervention that's Higher Level- Middle Level- Lower Level. At which level, most people do corruption ?
onyemaechi smith
the fight against corruption, do you base on the issues concerning the world bank or the glob
Shafiqul Islam Jibon
Could you comment on Bangladesh as the World Bank group has rejected to finance to the country's largest project the Padma Bridge due to corruption of the government officials recently? Thanks
The current,what features does corruption show?Compare with decade ago,have what change?How to achieve sustainabl anticurruption?
Suleiman Dabbas
Macedonia, FYR
Why the WB personnal didn't take any action against the reported corruption in the WB Land Project at the SAGW (Cadastre Agency)?
Kristofer Juan Belleza
Why do poor people has lesser opportunity or none at all in securing loans from the bank? How can we attain self sufficiency when the money of banks collectively by all poor are being bargained only for the rich?
Hadiza Mai-Sule
In determining the effectiveness of donor development resources, how do we develop effective tracking & monitoring mechanisms for efficient utilization of these resources and achievement of desired development outcomes?
Supo Adedokun
Is it correct to say that corruptions in Africa is sustained because they find save heaven in US and EU banks outside their countries?
David Keep Doors
United Kingdom
Dear Leonard Frank McCarthy, In case we suspect that a country is overall a corrupt state, like some we are able to consider in Latin America, for instance: Mexico. What are the mechanisms to re introduce a new political environment to achieve a social development?
elizabeth primrose
United States
Curruption is everywhere, in every country, every city, and in every public office they say what you the people want to hear, yet once in office use our hard earned money on crap. I don't trust the government, never have because I know there are better ways to fix the world
Neneng Tarigan
Indonesia is known as the most corrupt country in the world and that is possibly to continue because of the system that enables the ruling party and the weak leadership to encourage corruption to occured. Is there any invention aside of dead penalty to banned corruption from Indonesia?
Abdullah Nabeel
what should we do against corruption in Afghanistan?
Susan Wambui Kinyeki
Can you propose strategies that anti-corruption agencies can adopt to promote independence given that they are appointed and sometimes accountable to Governments?
In order to eradicate corruption we must find the root cause of it.We here in INDIA are trying to reduce corruption . At present we are serving a thousand people if the world bank supports us we can serve a Million of them who are affected
Syed Jehangeer
Living in a country when various external hands promote certain insititutes for their own ulterior motives; how does one ensure, that the international funding/aid is distributed equally?
Are we (society) innovative enough- particularly in time of crises (financial, austerity, no growth,..) when new concept are taking the lead (environment, integration, humanism,...)?
In Haiti millions of dollars are collected through an illegal tax for education. The funds aren't being used for education. The World Bank is funding free education. Although noble, the WB undermines the fight against corruption by doing this. How does the WB justify this?
jun robes
How to trace price overpricing on piece of property bought by the city council to be used as a government center in our city? As recently, some city councilor are making a noise and wanted to return their share of the dubious transaction
Madut Kuot
corruption is endemic in Africa and it will retard the development at all levels. how will it be tackle to eradicate it effectively?
Laura Facundo
How can the international community aid corruption when it comes from drug lords who have the power, money and are violent against those who stand up against them?
A strong and independent judicial system is the key to minimize corruption. My question is this: What is World Bank doing in specific terms in strengthening judicial system of its borrower-country?
kishore k jacob
globalisation is the root cause of huge corrupion
Hal Zhao
United States
What are the best manners of approach when it comes to elminating corruption in high levels of governments and businesses to ensure peaceful, productive, and prosperous society for all?
Anwar Saeed
How can a country Like Pakistan can fight against the corruption of rulers while the western countries facilitates them to deposit their black money in the banks. And all this give them encourgement to do more corruption.
Joko S.Usman
To fight corruption I am suggesting the establishment and enforcement of Evidence Backward Law.What do you think.
J. N. Sharma
Corruption is responsible for the mis-allocation of resources and thus hampering social welfare.Is it not correct to hypothesize that it is the political power that is behind this dirty story, mostly in the developing countries?
Ajay Kumar Mishra
Recently, a government official was sentenced for 6 months imprisonment for asking Rs.50(<$1) bribe 20 years ago. But, many politicians roam free in India, although accused of misappropriation of large funds. How do you see this inequality of conviction and what you would suggest to address this?
akinleye 5ayo
Anti-corruption campaign in Nigeria is not pro-active..EFCC/ICPC arrest corrupt official after practising the devilish act...Why can't they prevent it from occuring in the first place
Jeannie Zakharov
I recently lived in a nation where corruption is common in government services. E.g. a friend told me teacher grads in her city must buy jobs at twice the cost of the tuition fees. Even if wages were raised public servants are used to taking bribes. How can people & institutions turn this around?
Everybody is talking about rampant corruption among the bureaucrats and politicians. What about Judiciary . is it a holy cow ?
Justin Arenstein
South Africa
Open data tech offers exciting new ways to combat corruption. But civic activist efforts are fragmented & replicate each other. what is WB doing to help civic pioneers to find each other, amplify each other's successes, & help them pool resources + expertise for greater impact?
Giovanni Munoz
Involving several stakeholders, including civil society organizations, in procurement reduces the risks of corruption in government-run programmes/projects. How can this practice be promoted more widely?
Humphrey Anjoga
One of the biggest obstacles to fighting coruption in LDCs is the Political shield given to allies of those in power. What strategies can reduce the power of political shield from such culprits. Can International Treaties related to corruption Work?
Shyam KIshore Jha
We generally noticed lot of corruption issue in our daily life, but when it comes to reporting whom to report after all these corrupt peoples have liaison with many other senior officials.
Why are people in India afraid ot fight against corruption?
Dr. Adewale Oparinde
The way we view corruption most times lingers on government. There is corruption in schools,local markets,among village chiefs,etc.Since the majority of population in most-corrupt countries is poor, why dont we also take this micro level of corruption seriously?
The priority actions identified by ICHA and supported by the Bank focus on enforcement. What can done proactively and preventively to reduce or eliminate the incentives to be corrupt? How can that be incorporated into societies where corruption part of everyday life?