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Arun Gore

President and CEO, Grey Ghost Ventures

As the President and CEO of Gray Ghost Ventures, Arun Gore is responsible for the general management and day-to-day operations of the company. He also serves in a portfolio management capacity and plays a governance role as a board member for a number of the portfolio companies. Mr Gore brings an extensive background in mobile telecommunications, finance, operations and entrepreneurship. He has more than 35 years’ experience in the US, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including as a member of the executive team at T-Mobile USA, where he was Chief Financial Officer of Cook Inlet T-Mobile. Mr Gore also brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience as the prior owner and manager of organisations such as SAI, an international supply company for oilfield supplies, where he was responsible for the operations of 13 countries; and Atex Oil Company, a wholesale and retail oil refining and distribution business where he was responsible for the finance, inventory, asset protection and fleet management of an entire division of the company. In 2006, Mr Gore became actively engaged in the Investment Team at Grey Ghost Ventures and in 2008, as a Managing Director of the Investment Team, he took responsibility for overseeing the development, evaluation, governance and operational management of the firm’s impact investing portfolios. Mr Gore completed his undergraduate studies in India and holds a BSc in Sciences and a BS in Accounting. He completed his post-graduate studies in the US and holds an MBA in Finance.