New Frontiers in Women's Empowerment - Liveblog & webcast
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New Frontiers in Women's Empowerment - Liveblog & webcast

Friday April 20, 2012

Women and girls have made impressive gains in education, life expectancy and, in some areas, labor force participation. But as the 2012 World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development shows, this progress has not automatically led to improved rights and voice: Women in almost all countries of the world continue to trail men on measurements such as household decision making and legal parity. And gender-based violence, both in households and in conflict arenas, continues to be alarmingly prevalent in a large number of societies.

This is simply not right. Women should be entitled to equal protection under the law and be able to participate in decision-making at the local and national levels. They should not bear the threat of violence simply because they are women. What’s more, experience shows that progress in women's voice and rights benefits everyone, not just women and girls.

Replay a discussion below as a distinguished panel of experts from the World Bank's Advisory Council on Gender and Development discussed and shared examples of the work being done to improve women's voice and agency.

- Otaviano Canuto | Vice President of Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network, The World Bank
- Nisha Agrawal | CEO, Oxfam India
- Jeni Klugman | Director, Gender and Development, The World Bank
- Elizabeth Broderick | Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Commissioner Responsible for Age Discrimination, Australia
- Betty Mwangi-Thuo | Chief of Financial Services, Safaricom
- Ramzia Aleryani | Chairwoman, Yemen Women's Union
- Alison Evans | Director, Overseas Development Institute

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Read what others are asking
Edward Owulah
women should have access to farmlands and credit
Religion and it influence on society is to be considered and leaders of these religions be first guided the equality of women and men. As long as negative influence of religion prevails change would be tiny.
Joannie BEWA
Educate girls and boys on the same values and teach them since their childhood that they are equal Priorise wgirls educations, at least untill the end of secondary school Involve many men into this process at global level
United Kingdom
lots of women illiterate in Africa,not for their faults but because they are woman, their parents deprived them, gave them out in marriage, we can educate them through adult education in Africa,importance of education.I believe it can work Thanks
bhupendra patel
women shall be given freedom of expression.
Give the same look at those who lost their virginity before marriage,either man or woman, whatever your opinion is to this issue.
Getaneh Gobezie
We need to mainstream gender in interventions. On microfinance, see contributin (by Getaneh Gobezie) to UN-Women Expert Group Meeting (Ghana, Sep 2011):
Phuntsho Choden
Provide equal opportunity of education, equality in labour market to empower women. Empowered women can make informed decision as men.
Salma Sidki
Egypt, Arab Rep.
The problem is that patriarchy runs deep in the veins of Women themselves. The media plays a huge role in this. Psychological empowerment campaigns need to take place with a focus on gender equality being a question of human right and not just women's right.
Victoria W. Ndolo
Women should be given leadership positions backed up with mentoring,training and support to make them great leaders.
On girl child education, child labour and sexual abuse on young ones.