Live Chat: Declining Food Prices and the Role of Subsidies
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Live Chat: Declining Food Prices and the Role of Subsidies

DATE: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

TIME: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. ET (14:00 – 15:00 GMT or convert time )



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Prices of internationally traded food have dropped 12 percent since their historical peak in August of 2012, the latest Food Price Watch reports. Still, some countries are using ill-advised subsidies to try to lower costs for consumers. Increased production, declining imports and increasing stocks are exerting downward pressure on export prices, but international prices remain tight for maize. Prices remain high and with recent price increases in May and June, uncertainties surrounding unstable weather conditions and domestic policy decisions among key food producers warrant close scrutiny.


Join the conversation with World Bank Senior Economist José Cuesta as he takes your questions and discusses the latest issue of Food Price Watch and the impact of high food prices.


Senior Economist, Poverty, World Bank
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Do you think more than production ,it is the distribution of foodgrains that is important? what about huge quantities of foodstuff that are allowed to rot in godown in countries like India?
Lady Countess Bnss Mimi Sodova Schwartz
Please consider ways of establishing fund specifically for food subsidies of food already planted throughout Africa as a means of stimulating commerce in Africa as well as the rest of the globe. Thank you Kindly, Lady Countess Mimi Sodova Schwartz
Mohamad Ridwan Surono
why the soy bean price is high in my country ?? Soy bean is the only cheap protein source, we make tempeh and tofu .
Carlos Allen
I suggest that world bank empower development banks locally in order to help farmers with the needed finance to increase productivity which will lead to an influx of food supply, specifically sub-saharan Africa.
Dheeraj Saraswat
In most of the developing countries Producers (farmers) are not the price maker and intermediatories (Big Stores) decides the price. So,the ultimate profits goes in their pocket.I think,we need to change the structure and allow subsidies directly to the producers. This will be definetly fruitful.
Dinesh lal shrestha
Me from our country,rice is most expensive for daily use item.and why other every things for daily use foods are most expensive in our country?like corn,wheat,oil,sugar,vegitable,cocking gas,bus travel rent,cloths,etc.every things are most expencive than another country.why?
Dinesh lal shrestha
I m a farmer.we grow vegitables like tomatos,etc.but when we sale our product in market we got low price.but when we buy that things in market it most high price.i mean we sale tomatoes 30rs per k.g in market but people buy that tomatos 60rs per k.g in market.its so expensive then we sale price
Paul Terna Gbahabo
Given that most African countries import a high percentage of the food that they consume despite, how sustainable is this model going forward?
Hilario Cabrera
maize is really expensive in our country once the basic food for the poor why now we can't have it like before?
Dildar Ahmed
Which of these foods is the most expensive in your country? in our country the most expensive food is corn.
The most expensive in my country is soy
Brandy Rose
United States
Why are large corps allowed to pass on all anticipated changes in the costs by raising prices prior to any actualization of an increase. Additionally, those same corps wait to lower prices until they in fact go down in price, not just speculated to possibly...
Haroon Akram Gill
Where food prices are declining? We have never witnessed in Pakistan. What is the reason the food prices never go on decline in Pakistan?
Rajat Tripathi
Why prices of commodity is soaring up????????