The Wildlife Poaching Crisis in Africa: A Conversation with Jane Goodall
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The Wildlife Poaching Crisis in Africa: A Conversation with Jane Goodall

Date: Thursday, March 13, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. ET (14:00 – 15:30 GMT or convert time)
Location: Online

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Renowned naturalist Jane Goodall has dedicated her life to improving global understanding and treatment of the great apes through research, public education and advocacy. At this event in Washington, DC, she presented her world as an adventurer, scientist, and devotee of nature and her personal experience empowering people to make a difference for all living things.

Jane also talked about the wildlife poaching crisis in Africa and possible solutions; her creation of the Roots and Shoots program to bring together a worldwide network of young people as part of the solution; and her upcoming book Seeds of Hope, Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants.

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Founder, The Jane Goodall Institute & United Nations Messenger of Peace
Director, Sustainable Development Network, Africa Region, World Bank Group
Sector Manager, Environment, Natural Resources, Water and Disaster Risk Management, World Bank Group
Communications Adviser, Development Economics, World Bank
Read what others are asking
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
We heard seating at their office few people can tell in some instances, who (with exact name and address) has done that poaching in that particular area or who has done theft in that particular area. It's a world known fact, by now, in many Jungle areas. Now, kindly let us know, the exact reason why it can't be stopped, if such a good intelligence system is available, cameras are available, and ....Who provides the loopholes in the system to poachers? Don't you think it seems fishy if someone says poaching can't be stopped? Dr. Jane, I hope you will touch this point, please.
Bae so-yeon
Korea, Dem. Rep.
I think poaching wildlife animals should not be allowed to everyone. But teenagers (just like me) don't know HOW TO. I want to know how do I can saving the animals(in detal).
Kimbowa Richard
With your vast experience in wildlife conservation in East Africa and elsewhere, how far do you think individual poor countries can go to deter illegal wildlife trade? How can the international community be of help beyond short term political rhetoric?
Lee da hee
Korea, Rep.
I want to know limit of the money that borrow for poor contries.
Yang Ji Eun
Korea, Rep.
When is the most worthwhile moment in your life?
Iran, Islamic Rep.
Dear Jane, IWhen younare on air for this programme, I will be on my way to talk about a Roots and Shoots idea for converting opium farming to safron farming in Afghanistan. The cash returns of such a conversion will,be higher for Safron than opium and drugs. I need your prayers as i know that i am steeping into a mine feild where three major players in drug industry of Afghanistan, national and international, will not approve of the initiative. Your brother with pride, Hamid
Joeun Priyanka Kim
Korea, Rep.
People had tried their best to prohibit poaching for a long time, but it is still serious problem. Will this problem can be solved? Cause i think it is too complicated problem.
How can a young environmental activist effectively fight against poaching from half a world away? I love your work Jane. Keep it up the world needs you!
Ok Min Cheol
Korea, Rep.
I know you studied communication of apes. Is it different with human communication?
Carolina Marav
How do you remain hopeful when after all the efforts multinationals with this great power only look for their self interest and keep contaminating the environment and destroying the habitats of thousands of species?
What is Interpol doing to end the killing of African Elephants and Rhinos since the market is in Asia and Europe?
Justin T Coleman
United States
I am very interested in conservation and law enforcement? And would like very much to combine the two what do you think would be the best way to do this?
Nico Malik Aram
Dr Jane Goodall, Should great apes have same rights with human beings?
Robert Hanna
How do we get the 270 different NGOs globally working on Rhino conservation to work together on their common agenda and pool resource instead of competing to fund their own existence ?
Joe Hamilton
Dear Madame, in recent times we have seen pictures of aristocrats and other privileged persons posing with their " trophies". Some of them even claim to be animal lovers and are members of organizations linked to protecting animals and wildlife. How can these contradictions be approached and ended ? Thank you for all you have done and continue to do ! With love and respect ! Joe Hamilton
Nagyeom Park
Korea, Rep.
I saw some documentaries showing chimpanzees can express their mind by choosing mark(it looks like stamp).then they can express their fear too?if so, they have same feeling as human?
Nancy Harvey
United States
Why is it, after all these years, money, governments, people keeping stats, and the wonderful people who dedicate their life to saving wildlife , why is it poaching is still rampart?
Nancy Harvey
United States
Why is it, after all these years, money, governments, people keeping stats, and the wonderful people who dedicate their life to saving wildlife , why is it poaching is still rampart?
Janet Hausdorf
First of all may I say what a pleasure it is to listen to you speak. My question is in regards to criticism that you have received over the 'personification' of the chimps you have worked with in research. Personally I truly believe that as creatures of this earth, part of research is also to connect emotionally. I know this goes against some researchers views as it can create a loss of objectivity. I believe I would have done the same thing as it was important for you to connect when you became part of a troop. Your thoughts and comments on this? Thank you. I am excited to get my 13 yr old daughter involved with you Roots and Shoots program. :)
Barbara Owen
The rarest of the black rhino subspecies, the West African black rhinoceros is currently recognized as extinct...why do poachers stoop so low for the almighty dollar. What was this rhino so valuable for to lead to its extinction?
Holly Brookman
United States
Thank you Jane Goodall for your help in saving all the wonderful creatures in Africa! Elephants are such wonderful beings..
Jacques De Backer
Europe and America have mismanaged and depleted the wildlife and many natural places in their own countries and others around the world. How do we justify telling Africa what they can and not do?.