Increase Agricultural Productivity in Africa
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Increase Agricultural Productivity in Africa

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. ET (13:00 – 14:30 GMT or convert time)
Location: Online

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New data are overturning long-held myths about how African farmers use modern inputs. Cutting-edge research is showing that small policy changes, from scorecards to innovative savings accounts, can make an enormous difference in farmers' productivity. New policies to close the agricultural productivity gap between men and women can lift over 100 million people out of hunger.

Join ministers of finance and top agricultural researchers as they discuss how these new findings are helping shape economic policy in Africa.

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9:00 - Welcome and Introductory Remarks, Makhtar Diop
(Vice President, Africa Region)
9:10 - Close the Gender Gap in African Agriculture, Michael O’Sullivan
(Economist) Watch this presentation
9:17 -The Striking Variation in Agricultural Input Use across Africa,
Luc Christiaensen (Senior Economist) Watch this presentation
9:24 - How Seasonality Permeates African Agriculture, Christopher Gilbert
(Professor of Economics, Trento University) Watch this presentation
9:31 - Use Savings & Insurance to Improve Productivity,
Maria Jones (Economist) Watch this presentation
9:38 - Make Extension Services More Effective: Evidence from Malawi,
Rwanda, & Mozambique,

Florence Kondylis (Senior Economist) Watch this presentation
9:45 - Reactions from Senior Policymakers
10:00 - Discussion



Vice President, Africa Region, World Bank Group
World Bank Senior Economist
World Bank Economist
World Bank Senior Economist
World Bank Economist
Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda
Director, Sustainable Development Network, Africa Region, World Bank Group
Minister of Economy and Finance, Burkina Faso
Minister of Economy and Finance, Niger
Read what others are asking
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Hope, while the production of Agricultural Produce in increased, the storage houses will also be built simultaneously, so that the hard work of Agrarian/ Farmers are not wasted and the grains reach at proper places. Hope this point will be touched in this all important discussion.
Trish Reilly
How big a part will biotechnology play in increasing Africa's sustainable agricultural output, and will it be embraced or feared?
Gakwaya Titus
Yes, increase of the production of agriculture is necessary, but, the consideration of the stress and strains to the producers, must be considered. Promotion of power utilization in production, and proper revenue derivation, they should get more from their produce. What input or recommendations can the WB suggest ? Thank you.
i want to ask the best methods for analysis different soil parameters for further soil quality improvement and agriculture production ?
demisu gizaw
how to increase agricultural productivity in Ethiopian?
agenagnew habtie molla
how to increase agricultural productivity
amadou ndiaye
Do you think that increasing productivity is sufficient for agricultural development in Africa? if not, how to develop africa?
Burkina Faso
Why not spread Conservation Agriculture throughout Africa in order to increase yields and restore soil fertility?
mengistu ashebr
how african countries increase agricultural productivity by overcoming climate change and other environmental factors
kalkidan alen
i want to know about forest management and forestry ?????
most the African people is depend on agricultural productivity so, to develop Africa and to improve the living standard of the African people we should develop the agriculture productivity. 1,why not make research on the agricultural improvement in Africa by the higher researchers? 2,why not create an opportunity to the all African higher researchers to discusses on agricultural improvement in Africa ?
Akathingo Eino
what impact does Agriculture have in poverty alliviation as well as rural sociology?
In Ethiopia 60% of the land is favorable for dry land agriculture where there is a potential access to gravitational irrigation yet in this area only the 15-25% of the total population is estimated to live in this area because of hot, erratic rain fall distribution. the land is fertile yet the pastoralism is exercised well yet the productivity and its contribution the national GDP is not well significant according its potential so what do you advice? On the other side I believe that solution has to be from in to alleviate problem that why much of the NGO's interventions in the country their out put is almost nil while there expenditure is escalating high
how to maintain domestic crop diversity in Ethiopia, as they are on the way to be modified with unadaptive gene types?
for the madagascar we can focus the problems on two part: -financial resources -allocation of funding is not consistent with the objective of our gouvernement So, it must be the policy of win-win
Admasu Markos
Why not give training for Msc. students on Agronomy how to manage cops without affecting other living things,soils and plants.
Burkina Faso
Efforts to make agriculture in Africa more productive are made a long time ago, but the results are always less encouraging. So now, what will make the difference for the times coming in order to reach this objective of increasing agricultural productivity in Africa?
Salim Nuhu
What specific MFI products and services sustaining agriculture elsewhere can be adopted by MFIs in Africa with respect to agriculture as most of them appear to be lacking innovation in products and services.
komi bassah
i am promotor of volontariat association in africa, we have humanitaire projet and development of agriculture is our first objectif,becuose the food is the life,can you give to our association the partenariat and financement? the name is U.V.S.E.D AFR.the meaning is Union des Volontaires pour le Soutien des Enfants Démunies d'Afrique
Fekadu Tadesse
Most of the problem we been thru for many centuries is, we are not having commercialized agriculture thru out the continate so Is there any way institutions like world bank try to facilitate the value chain activity within the continanet
1. We have good soil, good rain, good people. But we couldn't liberate ourselves from food aid(which i call a cancer for Africa. Is there any way we can influence Westerners to shift they idea from food aid to development aid. of course they are helping but are there ways in which we challenge them to channel more money into development works? Like for example technology transfer and assistance in terms of machinery. 2.our farmers are using traditional oxen plough which is ineffective in a way that it consumes a lot of time, energy... so is there any way we can help them out?
mulugeta bekele
it is good
If i will like to countinues my scool of agriculture in amrerica can i have help for yor association?
We are actually undergoing climate changes which has many consequences on earth and agriculture productivity. In this situation, can Africa still reach for self-sufficiency ? Can we develop an agriculture based on our local knowledges
in africa, when talking about increasing agricultural prod, people think about performing ferterlizers or changing till get the best. mention, the more different ferterlizers are sprayed on farm, the more the land is losing its quality. so action is producing an opposite effect. my wish and recommandation is to drag people to understand what is bioagriculture in Africa. most of the concerned population is analphabets. they know nothing at reading or getting informations. we should help more in this area before bringing the matter of increasing production. for a positive action, think about sensing the concerned pop before.
yibeltal Merawie
we have to work on the control of plant pathogens to increase agricultural products. This is mainly done by biocontrol of plant pathogens which are environmentally friendly and cost effective
Why Africa has both uncultivated land and landless peasants.
ahmed ali
to increase agricultural production is to make cooperative system & those agricultural must get attractive market
Razafindranaivo Lady Mireille
how to make to disappear the grasshoppers which destroy agricultures? Here in Madagascar this grasshopper is a very big problem for the agriculture
rtRqVd tsvzpicaowdz, [url=]qouvivixemuw[/url], [link=]qukkwkjinvwq[/link],
ditumbule minion jb
Congo, Dem. Rep.
I am interested I need to know how can some start, what is needed to keep going...I have try it but no support, well I need to get more info I start when I mwas 12 now m big with experiences
why modern inputs are very expensive for african farmers?
Neel Dilbur
I was in Madagascar last year. Big country with vast areas of cultivable land. I know political turmoil is hampering short term development. My question- Considered as part of Africa, what is being done in this country to increase agricultural production or simply to start some sustainable development in this part of the world which is poor but where resources are available ?
Alefe Takele
comments To increase Agricultural productivity in Africa; 1.Strengthen small farmer by:- - financing - short term training 2.Introducing/adopting new technology - Technology should be applicable at small farmer level 3.Maximize supplying of Agricultural input(like fertilizer, improved seeds,insecticides,e.t.c) in minimum cost
Fatymatou Dia
What can private sector actors (output players/input providers,etc) do to increase agricultural input use among poor farmers?
Pascal Adams THERA
This a very important event. Unfortunatly we are not value at such a summit because only big meet there and the true actors are ony spectators from far. Our concern is how we can help small farm actors/
Baby N'suba
Congo, Dem. Rep.
what shall I do, to have finance for agricultural project,
K'Okoth Sylvestre
Why has it become so difficult for coffee producing countries in Africa to either add value to their produce and trade it as a finished commodity, or sell their coffees directly to roasters in consuming countries without passing through cartels and middlemen who exploit them?
how can agricultural coopirative can develop?
Eliakim odongo otieno
what can CBOS that is community based organizations do to get donors for their Agricultural projects,like we have over hundred hectares of land to put up Projects but lack funds.
We have a NGO Youth For Development Manager might help you realized project we avon here Mauritania telque agriculture in small vilage and family planning has great Nouakchotte city? I listen to your
ADDEN Ayi Koffi
Quelle importance donne -on a l'irrigation (petite irrigation) en Afrique pour maîtriser l'eau afin de circonscrire la perturbation des saisons?
Mahamadou Konaté
What is the aiming goal of increasing africa agricultural productivity? Is it in priority to feed its populations or to full up the industrial machines of the West? On this answer will depend the soundness of our developpement policy.
How I can get postgraduate education ,around fields of agriculture?
which agriculture projects are there in africa by world bank?
Bakary Diakite
j'aimerais que l agriculture de mon pays soit organise sur tous les plans
dejene nigussie jufar
in Ethiopia most farmers use traditional way of rearing and fattening animals.specially small ruminants in Ethiopia are being handled in non profitable way in the addition researches done around small ruminants are not enough so how can Africa can develop the quality and quantity of the product of these animals in the continuant?
Mame Desta
There are so many challenges that face Ethiopia every year-Disease,Drought,etc.All these are the result of insufficient Agricultural production because of Poor or Traditional agricultural practices.So how can we withstand this problems,please share me your ideas.Thank u.
andre hounsa
how many monney can you help the agricultures???
andre hounsa
how many monney can you help the agricultures???
Kissi Elvire
Increasing agricultural productivity in Africa, is one of the key steps to achieve development in Africa. However, looking at the lack of adequate technologies, transport infrastructures adding to climate-related events such as flood and drought and the pressure put on land due to increase of African population,How the increase of agriculture productivity could be really achieved?
Francois Xavier
Burkina Faso
In most African countries, people rely on agriculture as the main source of income, I mean to live or to survive. At the same time, in these African countries, especially in Burkina Faso we do have all the resources we need to develop or even to increase the productivity of that special sector. Unfortunately, we are enable to properly feed our own population. Hunger and famine are still around. People are starving every day in the continent. We are all aware of such a situation. Mr Bembamba, minister from Burkina Faso, what do you think about our agriculture policy in our own country and for the whole ECOWAS community? Can we achieve food self-sufficiency and food security with such a policy? We want to be food secured. Thank
Emmanuel Udebunu
The world bank should work with countries like Namibia and other drought-prone countries to ensure that they become agriculturally self reliant, this can be done by massive irrigation projects in multiple locations. That way, these countries in question can feed their populace instead of relying on hand-outs from donors when they are faced with drought. Let's make them able to 'fish', and not giving them 'fish' whenever they're hungry!
Walusiku Nawa
I am very happy that this information is now available and help on its way for Africa. I and my clan's men will really like to better the ways of agriculture but lack the resources in terms of technology and information. As much as I would have loved to watch the presentations, the version of the software that I have cant support this. therefore, I am requestiong for a website where I can get information from all the presenters. Thanking you in anticipation.
Admasu Zemene
What are the factors affecting Ethiopian agricultural productivity? do think only environmental factors?
Temesgen Wakgari Dugassa
Are we considering farm landless rural household when we develop agricultural strategy in developing countries? Who are these landless household according to international development organizations like world bank, IMF,FAO AfDB etc?
Mustafe Abdulkadir Abdurahman
As Somalis, Although we have encountered many problems about conflicts,How can we increase Agricultural production in Somalia?
Hello! What support can we get in order to dig very deep wells that can contain a lot of water for irrigation so that we can grow crops all year round because due to the global climate change, rains are getting fewer year after another hence droughts and famines are now very popular. Please advice!!! Vincent.
There has been massive bias for crop agriculture compared to livestock production in the quest for agricultural development in Africa. Considering climate change is making most of African farmland non - arable, what should be the role of efficient land uses like pastoralism and extensive ranching for food security of rural africa and how should governments respond interms of conducive policy and input support?