Yevgeny Kuznetsov

Senior Research Fellow, the Migration Policy Institute, and Consultant, World Bank

Yevgeny Kuznetsov is Senior Research Fellow, Migration Policy Institute (a global think tank in Washington, DC) and a Fellow of Center for Research and Industrial Policy at SkolTech (a part of MIT family in Moscow). He has been working on innovation, growth and talent mobility issues for 17 years in the World Bank which he joined in 1995 from Brookings Institution. He has acquired a unique perspective on reforms which blends insights of a practitioner (operational support to innovation projects in India, China, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Iran, Armenia, Tanzania, Morocco, Colombia and other economies) and a scholar (more than 30 articles and books on innovation and knowledge-based growth). In recent years, he also focuses on diasporas of highly skilled as change agents to promote institutional development in home countries and has published two books and articles on that issue. His recent book, How Can Talent Abroad Induce Development at Home? Towards a Pragmatic Diaspora Agenda, brings together innovation and international mobility of talent perspectives.