Louise Fox

Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley, Former World Bank Lead Economist

Louise Fox was, until her recent retirement from the World Bank, a Lead Economist in the Africa Region of the World Bank. During her long career at the Bank, she worked on a wide range of topics including the analysis of employment and labor markets, poverty and inequality, and the economics of social service delivery, with the overarching theme of the links among policies, outcomes, and poverty reduction. Prior to her position in the Africa region, Ms. Fox spent 13 years working on issues of labor market adjustment, poverty, and social protection in transition economies, including China and Mongolia, the Baltic States, and Eastern Europe. Prior to that she researched poverty, inequality, and macroeconomic adjustment in Latin America. Her most recent published work has been on the topics of poverty reduction and inclusive growth, the political economy of poverty reduction, and on employment, labor markets, and labor regulation, all with respect to Sub-Saharan Africa.