Deon Filmer

Lead Economist, Development Economics

Deon Filmer is a Lead Economist at the World Bank. He has published research in the areas of education, health, social protection and poverty. Recent work has included the impact of scholarship programs on school participation in Cambodia; of the roles of poverty, orphanhood, and disability in explaining education inequalities; and of the determinants of fertility behavior. He recently co-authored the book Making Schools Work: New Evidence on Accountability Reforms and was core team member of the World Development Report in 2004 Making Services Work for Poor People. His current research focuses on measuring and explaining inequalities in education and health outcomes, and evaluating the impact of interventions that aim to increase school participation among the poor (such as conditional cash or food transfers) and interventions that aim to improve education service provision (such as policies to improve the quality of teachers in remote areas). He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University.