David Pickeral

Lead, Industry Smarter Solutions Team, IBM

David Pickeral leads the Industry Smarter Solutions Team (ISST) for IBM Smarter transportation which includes managing a team of Consultants, Business Analysts and Solution Architects, who provide integrated solutions incorporating all lines of IBM’s business—hardware, software and services. He develops high value strategic partnerships with complimentary industry players from major global corporations to innovative startups. He educates clients, key stakeholders and IBM teams on the value of ITS and the state of development and potential of the industry in light of key technology initiatives such as Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud Computing as well as transportation initiatives such as vehicle miles traveled (VMT) open roads tolling (ORT) automated fare collection (AFC), and congestion charging.

David has 26 years’ operational, policy and management experience with transportation and information and communications technology (ICT) networks worldwide involving both government and commercial enterprises as well as public-private partnerships.

Before joining IBM, David was an executive at Booz Allen Hamilton where he co-founded the firm’s ITS practice in September 2000. He holds a Doctor of Law (JD) degree from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Virginia.