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Bert Hofman

Chief Economist for the East Asia & Pacific region

Bert Hofman is the World Bank's Chief Economist for the East Asia and Pacific Region and Director of the Singapore Office since September 2011. Before moving to Singapore, Bert was the Country Director for the Philippines from 2007 until August 2011 where he was responsible for a growing portfolio of projects and advisory services to the Philippines government.

Bert has 20 years of experience in the World Bank, 14 of which have been in the East Asia region. He was the Lead Economist in China for three years where he headed a team that provided economic policy advice to the government. Prior to that, he spent more than five years in Indonesia as it was recovering from the Asian Crisis. He has also worked on economic policies for Brazil, South Africa, Mongolia, Zambia, and Namibia in his earlier years with the Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank, Bert worked at the Kiel Institute of World Economics in Germany, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, and NMB Bank in the Netherlands (now ING).