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Edward Olowo-Okere

Director, Financial Accountability and Reporting, the Governance Global Practice, The World Bank Group

Previously Ed was Senior Adviser to the World Bank Group’s (WBG) Global Practices Group for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions (EFI) and was the Director of Operations Services, and Regional Manager for Financial Management in the Africa region of the Bank. For almost a decade, he led the Bank’s policy dialogues and technical assistance to clients on public financial management, private sector accounting and auditing, operational financial management, public procurement, and monitoring and evaluation in Africa. He graduated from the University of Bath with a PhD in Management and a Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). He has researched, published in reputable international journals, and has lectured at undergraduate and graduate levels in Nigeria and New Zealand on accounting and finance topics. He has won several academic and merit awards.