What is the role of men in ending violence against women? LIVE CHAT
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What is the role of men in ending violence against women? LIVE CHAT

Date: Monday, November 25, 2013
Time: 9:00 -10:00 a.m. ET (14:00 – 15:00 GMT or convert time)
Location: World Bank Headquarters and Online

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As we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, violence against women has reached epidemic proportions. One in three women worldwide- nearly one billion women- will experience physical violence from a male partner in their lifetimes.

Before we can end violence against women, we must first ask the fundamental question of what is going on with men – the main perpetrators of this violence – and why societies worldwide are producing so many violent men? What can we do to change this? Replay the chat below, where Join Maria Correia, the World Bank's Social Development Manager for South Asia, and Greg Barker, Executive Director, Promundo – DC, USA responded to your questions and shared their expertise.

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Executive Director, Promundo – DC, USA
Sector Manager, South Asia Region, World Bank
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United States
Hello everyone, thanks for taking questions. I was looking on the UN site regarding International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - I noticed they mention that the 25th of every month is "orange day" - to wear orange to highlight its calls for the eradication of violence against women. Basic question: How effective are these types of campaigns?
Why are men more violent, not just to women, but towards everyone? Is it simply biological, social, or both?
How does violence, as perpetrated by men, compare in frequency across the globe? Is there some data you can point to that shows how countries compare?
What are campaigns, initiatives etc. being run by men to eliminate GBV in various countries?
Rajeev Narayan
Are we also talking about the issues of Urban slum n inter-familial relationships affecting psychology of children? This affects children severely and induces a violent behavior n conduct among the young minds...
Fauzia Aalm
It was found on last survey report ,which was conducted by WHO, 30% women still face domestic violence. In Bangladesh every single house are facing this kind of violence directly or indirectly,which is done by a known/unknown men. A man, when he was a kid, saw his father,uncla, bother are tourching their wife.so he also grown with the same mentality and do the same thing with his wife. its a common example.where a girl grown up by totally opposite mentality that she have to tolerate these violence, because her mother, aunty, sister are doing so and she is advised by them to do so. So here i believe, the society need to change first. For ending violence against women, first we need to target gender equity ,where a girl and a boy need to treat in a similar way. Thank you
Ganizani Guluzamkondo
What should it be done in Malawi to end gender based violence?
A few comments and questions. Requesting the experts to please respond. 1. The crime rate is much higher for males than that of females. What do experts say about the ‘role’ of male-specific hormones (like testosterone) in the violent behaviour of men? If so, how to tackle this hormonal factor? 2. Success sorties at a community or country level on controlling the behaviour of the men on violence against women? Or this is an individual/family level issue and needs to be addressed at that level only. 3. It is a general perception that men from the west are COMPARSTIVELY less violent towards women than those from the south. Are there cultural factors responsible for violent behaviour of men to towards women, to some degree? If so, then what are these cultural factors, as all these might need different treatments? (Violence against women is a global phenomenon; please take this question from a comparative lens like - developed/developing; open society/closed society; land of opportunity/birth defines the destiny; education status for the entire country). 4. What do the family or psychological councillors say on - a women moving out of the relationship/marriage due to violence from the male partner? First instance or after attempts to correct the situation. 5. About men and women we know some of the facts. Is there a similar tendency recorded in animal world as well where the male inflicts violence on the female? What is the reasoning behind that? Best regards, Alexander
This is utterly horrid. There are many educated and apparently confident women, who are a victim of violence from men. I consider the outdated demarcation of role in public and private life that confines women to child rearing and men to be the ultimate bread winner has resulted a inherent superiority amongst the XY chromosomes. Cliché like * fairer sex has exacerbated this thinking. Modern attempt to change it, by women having considerably more freedom than days of yore, has resulted in clash of polarized thinking amongst the men. From a women, who was owned by them, controlled, and obsequious -to a women having a separate personality, financial independence and unshakeable confidence, is unacceptable by their male guardians/ male members of society. Thus violence continues. A apparently modern men deep down is completely opposite, a bigot. However its not to disapprove the assertion about the presence good men in the world, which is the reason so many women despite difficulties have made it big. It is high time we stress importance to the stringent laws towards violence against women. I also think that men who have been supportive of their female colleagues, family members or even acquaintance should step forward and change the stereotype thinking.
i think women are not only tortured by his husband but also by their boy friend or lover,it may seems that this proportion is so small to describe but i think those men are more likely to torture his wife than other after his marriege.some traditional answer may come to this question like lack of education,lack of respect,men think that they are physicaly or socialy supirior to men that they can do such kind of evil deed,but in Bangladesh i see peple involve in love or relation most of them are educated,so how we can develop our capacity or what step should be taken and how we can lmplement those step?
Ram Kishor Mehta
How a man can help in ending the violence against women who is always jealous of women achievement in any filds, be it financial or political or social? Can men support women in fulfiling their duties in right manner and helping them when needed ?
Lisoyi Joseph
What do we accept as violence act against woman?because its to broad to really talk about, but when we have a scenerio, we will be able to narrow it down and find the cause and solution.
Subash Thapa
What are the procedure to decrease the violence against WOMEN in the country with low economic income and with less educated person ?
Jillian Frascoia
United States
There must be some countries that have a lower incidence of violence against women. What have these countries done well that others can emulate?
Hello. What is the World Bank doing to address this issue? I see how there is a need to address the issue of men, but what specifically can be done beyond raising awareness?
Is there a correlation between religious fundamentalism and male violence towards women? If so, how do you changes behaviors?
Martin Atayo
United States
ACID ATTACK OF WOMEN IN BANGLADESH BEAREDHEADING OF WOMEN SLAVERY AND RAPES,etc.. Can humanity overcome this horrendous vices through intellectual transformation to the extent to restore confident and trusted co-habitation punctuated with equitable empowerment??
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
We in India respect our Mother as Goddess. In fact, we treat our parents as our first Guru/ Teacher/ Coach/ Mentor in fact everything. In joint family we respect all the elders. We involve all, including mother, wife, sister, daughters, and even grandmothers, in every important decision, that we take at home. If same thing happens everywhere including homes, offices, government, public places, with all ethics and values, hope violence against women will vanish. Hope, all of us have similar views. Do you agree over this?
I think to stop violence against women is not possible unless the ethics of human being improves. Since it has been prevailing in the society for a long time; therefore, it would be bit difficult to expect the changes of this situation over-night – of course possible but need some time. I’d be better to take some initiatives in line with awareness program/campaign will help in turn to improve the level of ethics
Nita Shrestha
In country like Nepal, women's are very reserved and they even doesn't present herself very openly in any act however I have seen girls of china/Korea they are very open and confident and they are getting support from her dad from childhood. Our parents, family, society are very much responsible for the violence against women. Girls are not only dominated but they are practicing to be reserved and not allowed to expose freely and it lead boys dominate girls. My question is how to change this system from society ???? Only educating the society is not enough, they wont apply in practice with education only. How their thoughts get changed ?????
I think to stop violence against women is not possible unless the ethics of human being improves. Since it has been prevailing in the society for a long time; therefore, it would be bit difficult to expect the changes of this situation over-night – of course possible but need some time. I’d be better to take some initiatives in line with awareness program/campaign will help in turn to improve the level of ethics
Vijay Aryal
In most of the developing countries like Nepal, the context of Intimate Partner as well as Family Member Violence has been relatively higher especially due to the socio-economic issues of greed and discrimination such as dowry, birth of the girl-child and many more. What would be the concrete efforts that could be applied from the very grass-root level-through men's participation (perpetrators themselves)- so that the violence would come to an end? However, one cannot see that there is an instant panacea against it, though I am optimistic and putting my efforts as far as possible.
Not only men but also women have become violent especially those in marriage. How can such campaigns be effective so that both men and women are senticised on the issue
Dr Flo Clucas
United Kingdom
Until all men and women take this seriously, it will carry on. It must become so unacceptable that men will feel unable to commit violence against women. How to do that is the basic problem. The inter-relationship of women in the economy, status and place in society is at the root of the problem. So, how are we going to ensure that women become visible in the economy as entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and valued employees? How also, are we going to give men a role that doesn't depend on owning women to give them status in the community?
Houry Geudelekian
United States
Thank you for focusing on the men in the equation of VAW. Do you know if laws actually do help reduce violence? Or is it more of a social norm thus the need for fundamental actions taken from grass roots level to change people's mind set. Possibly with early education for boys and girls in school in partnership with home base? I live in US but represent grass root women across the globe.